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Wednesday, June 10, 2015


So how is my training going?  I would say remarkable well.  I feel good and I feel strong.  Artemis and Eric at Iron Body Studios developed an excellent, progressive program.  The RA feels moderately under control and the shoulder/arm has been pretty painless (knock on wood).

It doesn't feel right sharing Artemis and Eric's Kettlebell Certification Training Program...hey it costs money.  They are marketing their unique skills.  They are working hard to make a living.  That being said, let me give you a little insight into what I have been doing. 

I've taken some of my training outside.  I did part of the program yesterday in my yard and then headed to the park to do assisted pull ups and double kettlebell squat sets.  Then I finished on the basketball court doing one handed kettlebell swings.  10 rounds of swings. 
Courtside one handed swings at Gowdy Park

Me on the bars doing chin ups and the little kids on the swings with their mothers.

Today part of the work out was done at home...couldn't do the second half because I was having difficulty squatting at 5:00 am.  So at lunch time at work I did a rotation of double KB clean, double overhead press and double KB squat for 18 minutes with two 25 KBs.  12 KG is my test weight for the cert. 
When I was done it felt effin great.  I was toast.  I could say less toasted than when I started doing this rotation.
There is a 25-30 percent failure rate at the StrongFirst certification week-end.  If I fail it won't be because I wasn't prepared.  Don't worry.  No negativity.  I plan on passing because 

My grape vine...remember when it looked like this

Two weeks later it looks like this

We are getting there.

There is a downside to the garden though.  My tomatoes have early blight.  It is early.  Steps have been taken to minimize the damage.  I will be devastated I lose my toms.  I live on them come summer.  I took pictures but decided not to share.  It is too sad. 

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