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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Today, at work, someone delivered a 45 pound box.  I said that I would carry the box down the hall to where it needed to go.

The deliver man said, "This box weighs about 45 pounds.  It is heavy.  You can't carry that."  I started to laugh and said, "No, really I can."  The response, "Oh don't be silly.  He picked up the box and walked down the hall.

You know I was steaming.  I want to spew out all my credentials.  I won't do list them again here.  I've done it before...plenty of times. 

I will say I had a 14 kg kettlebell in my office that I wanted to start pressing, snatching and swinging (which I had planned to do during my lunch hour.).  I also wanted to tell him I do farmers carries almost every day with 16 kg or 18 kg kettlebells.  Instead, I said nothing. 

Did I do the right thing by remaining silent?  What would you have done?

After a Personal Record and before I got a phone
that made it easy to take selfies.

After deadlifting 175 pounds for the first time!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


 I know, I know.  Two blog posts in one day.  Here's the thing...I am not sure how I will be feeling about the Pats game.  I am always nervous about these games.
Market in the Testaccio, Rome!!
The market above is common place in Rome and in Italy.  Italians eat local food and they choose to eat produce that is in season and local.  They go to the butcher for their meat and the fish market for their fish.  Fresh vegetables are beautiful and abundant.  It is a healthy way to love.

I want to talk about cooking with locally made products in New England.  It is more difficult in winter in New England to eat locally but it can be done.  For the Patriots game I am making short ribs and carrots...

The short ribs are from Lilac Hedge Farm. 

The butter, which I picked up at the Wayland Winter Farmer's Market, is from Contoocook Creamery.

The chicken stock I used homemade from a local sourced chicken.  I added onion, not local, and garlic, which I don't remember whether it was local or not.

The wine that I reduced and added to the cooking broth is from Mill River Winery.  Excellent wine especially for a local wine. 

And then the carrots, from Tendercrop in Wenham.  They also have their own eggs.  Just as a side bar, this isn't my usual egg place.  I have a new local source which I will share at a later time. 

In my opinion, for the most part, eating locally prepared and grown food is healthier and it supports the communities in which we live. 



Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Sorry it is over the edge but it was the only way I could arrange it so you could read the words

When you get a birthday card this good, you just need to update your birthday gratitude blog.  Who wouldn't be grateful for a card like this?  It definitely has a back story. 

Well yesterday was deadlift day.  (Yes.  I am deadlift obsessed.  Everyone should be deadlift obsessed.  Just saying.)  It was the day before my 58th birthday and I was deadlifting 175 pounds.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be pushing 60 and deadlifting that much weight.  (Just a reminder that my PR is 210 pounds at age 57.) 

I am not getting older...I am getting stronger.  Me at 57 years old...

I have also become more grateful.  It really is the simple that is important.  It has been a very happy birthday to me. 

I've talked for years about a shed for the backyard.  This year the boy decided to build one.  He is not a carpenter.  He is not skilled in the trades.  He learned to build it from watching youtube videos.

Kettlebell rack so that I now have law and order in the living room. 

Who said I can't wear crazy leggings to work out?

Very special friends and my partner in crime!

Thank you Ann and Dad for knowing what is important.  Memories. 

Let the parties begin...

Celebrations with this crew at the Antique Table....

And Tequila and Cake with my chicas at Temezcal...
It was a very bad hair day!!!!

Gratitude.  All the happy birthday emails and texts and the Facebook happy birthdays.
I leave you with this...just because!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Started a 21 Day Squat Challenge and while it might be the most exciting blogging, it helps me keep track of my numbers, keeps me motivated and may just motivated one other person.

So my posting on their private FB board:

"Joining you all a little late but I did play catch up.
Day 1: 20 squats. Started off with 12 kg goblet squats for 2 sets. My legs were feeling tight. Warmed up quickly and switch to doubles 12 kg squats.
Day 2: 25 squats. Doubles with 12kg.
Day 3: 30 squats. Doubles with 12 kg.
Motivation for doing this challenge is, by week 3 is to be using double 16 kg bells."

So yes, yesterday I did 75 squats.  My butt is beyond sore.  I did them before a regularly scheduled work out.  What I need to do with this challenge is make sure I keep up with my regular work outs. 

Day 4 calls for 35 squats.  Gotta get to it!

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Adventure, Challenges, Confidence and Learning...

I read a posting by Jill Coleman in which she talked about setting a theme for the year...not a goal specifically or a resolution but a theme or mantra.  Her 2016 mantra is joy.  (You can find her here:  ) 

When I think about it, my mantra for the past several has been "living out side my comfort zone."  It wasn't a conscious decision but it evolved.  I've put myself in uncomfortable positions (for me) and survived.  Maybe you could even say I thrived.  Because of my increasing ability to "comfortably" live outside my comfort zone, I was able to attend the StrongFirst certification and pass. 

Jill's post motivated me to reflect on what my 2016 theme or mantra should be.  I have an agenda I want to advance.  Not only that but for the past several years, I have not thought about learning, more specific learning new things. 

So I spent time thinking what my new theme for 2016 it would be "work hard" but the words that stuck with me were adventure, challenges, confidence and learning. 

And then today I read this by Glennon on her blog, Momastery...

"I don’t want a new, better life in 2016. I just want new eyes to see that my life is already staggeringly beautiful. 
I don’t want to be a better mom in 2016. I just want new eyes to see that the miracle is not good better best — the miracle is that these people are mine and I am theirs. Full stop.
And I don’t want to be a BETTER ME in 2016. Screw that. I don’t want to chase after some imaginary more fabulous version of myself. I AM what the people I love need. I already AM. And when we are always BECOMING we have no room to BE. So I’m done striving. I’m fine, thanks. I’m showing up to love my people and you and the world this year JUST AS I AM." outside your comfort zone wasn't a theme I picked at the beginning of some random year.  It just evolved.  It was really just me being me.

But, I do have serious changes I want to make this year.  Do I need to define them or name them or do just need to do them? 

Ultimately, I need accountability...not that it always works.  Some, only some of my goals, are shared below...only some.  Some are private.  Also, for a very long time I have been very good at just being...I've always just be able to be.  In my opinion, a better life comes from reflection and improvement.  That doesn't mean you weren't good enough before.  It doesn't even mean you weren't the very best.  It just means life can be more interesting. 

So...with a sense of adventure, with confidence while seeking challenges and promoting a sense of learning....

I got my SFG certification because I did want to train people.  I want to turn people on to the correct use of kettlebells.  Yet, despite having people who want me to train them I've held myself back with excuses.  I need a name.  I need insurance.  I was traveling.  I was traveling for work.  I need a plan.  Hello...adventure, confidence, challenges and learning.  This needs to be the year and soon.

I've tried Spanish, French and German and have completely unsuccessful learning a foreign language.  It is scary.  So...I've decided I want to wait...I want to learn Italian.  Knowing a second language makes you a better person when traveling the world.  Adventure, CHALLENGE, CONFIDENCE, and learning. 

Barbell...anyone who knows me knows I love the bar.  I've missed it.  My Deadlift PR was 210.  Since finishing the cert process, I've only been able to pull a max of 175.  So, it is the year of the deadlift!!!  And hopefully the year of the Strongfirst Barbell Certification.  None are currently scheduled.

I did a StrongFirst Barbell user course at Skill of Strength...a gym in Chelmsford.  Awesome.  Great place.  Great people.  A little far.  Maybe I can figure out a way to train for the Barbell there.


All of this reminds me of the battle of Brendan Rearick, who was a trainer at MBSC when I trained there.  He was not just any trainer.  He was a rock star trainer.  He now suffers from aplastic anemia.  His current campaign is "COLLECT EXPERIENCES NOT THINGS."  Since learning of his condition I have tried to own that thought.  You can learn more about Brendan here.

The world is too amazing to just stand still!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

AND A NEW YEAR AND I QUOTE (and a wrap up)


And if you made it to the bottom of all these quotes.  My swing total for the month of December was 7,001 swings.  YES!

I went back to look at my totals from 2014:  Nice improvement!

Week 1 = 1330. Week 2 = 1360 Week 3 = 1244 Week 4 = 1062 for at total of 4996.  Damn...I am only 4 swings short of 5,000.  If only I had known.