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Monday, June 16, 2014


Father's Day Delayed the weekend end wrap up. There was too much celebration at Tatiana's in downtown Lynn. As a result of yesterday's celebration, I decided to sleep in this morning and skip the work out at MBSC. Unfortunately I was working and couldn't go to the Y later in the morning. No guilt. Sunday was fun.

Foam roll, stretch, active warm up.

I tried to do hip thrust as the Y. It just doesn't work. There is no way to set it up. So I bought a Hampton Pad to do them at home. We shall see.

 Instead I did

Glute Bridges 8 x 235 8 x 245 8 x 255 (PR baby)

Alternated the following three exercises

Deadlifts 3 x 165
                3 x 175
                3 x 180

Straight leg sit ups with 35 pounds 3 rounds of 6
Hip hinge with 45 pounds 3 x 8

Even though the intuitive testing tested well, I was just no feeling those deadlifts and decided to stop here.

Then did some rainbows and overhead presses. Presses were done at 45 pounds, 50 pounds and then 55 all times 8.

For a finisher I did 5 rounds of

10 kettlebell swings with 40 pounds. (I used 40 pounds because the Y does not have any kettlebells between 40 and 70 pounds
30 seconds of battle ropes.
one minute of rowing twice one minute on the cycling bikes 3 times
Switched from rowing to cycling because someone took over the
 rowing machine.

Quick shower and off I went to see Jes at


Fathers Day Quickie Work Out

Foam Rolling, Stretching and Active Warm Up

5 Round ladder of

50 kettlebell swings
5 Turkish get ups each side with 16 kg

40 kettlebell swings
4 TGUs each side

down to 10 swings and 1 TGU...

NO MATTER YOUR AGE MOVEMENT IS IMPORTANT.  Find what you love.  Find the movement, the exercise, the sport, or the dance that you will do and will enjoy. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


There are times at 5:00 AM I just don't feel like getting in the car and driving to MBSC to work out. I want to work out. I love working out. I don't have to start work until 7:30 AM and sometimes I just feel like spending the morning in the comfort of my home until then. There was a time that I would drag my ass to Woburn. Now I give my permission to stay home a little longer. It doesn't mean I sacrifice a work out. What it does mean is that I do a shorter work out at home. Some of the toys I have at home... So I did 3 x 8 rounds of seated squats 3x 8 of barbell rows Then bring on the kettlebells 4 rounds of swings, deadlifts, military press, squats, and rows...lifting weights faster. Strength and cardio. Done for today. I felt better not rushing to dress and pack a bag to head to the gym. I will return to Boyle's on Friday. Thinking about being over 50 and what that means for future posts. Let me leave you with this thought though. Have you ever been someplace and seriously had to pee. Have you ever contemplated this as I did down at Nahant Beach:

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Usually I post my weekend work outs...primarily so I can remember them from weekend to weekend.  I guess the blog becomes a training log.  I am not going to detail my work outs.  I have some different thoughts this weekend.

When I walk into the Y on the weekend, I really do think of myself as a lifting badass for a 56 year old anyway.  It is the place I wear what I call my bad ass shirts.  Today it was this shirt

And yesterday this one.
Just a side bar...I am not quite ready to wear these but you know I want to wear them.
Today I met someone who is really badass... There is a woman who has been going to the Y the past several months. She is overweight and wears bulky sneakers. Every weekend I am there, she is there riding that bike. She has been a constant presence. She is always smiling. You know she is enjoying her work out. I am not one for conversation when I am working out but have been exchanging pleasantries with her. Good morning. How are you doing? Have a nice work out? Today after she finished out the bike, she started walking the treadmill. She looked like she had lost some weight. I went over to tell her how amazing she was working the bike and then the treadmill which was clearly a little more difficulty for her. During my exchange with her I learned she is the real badass...not only does she wear a brace to her knee, she has spina bifida. She told me she is at the Y 5-6 days/week. Her plan is to walk the Cancer Walk...all 6.2 miles of it. And with all her training she has lost 15 pounds. I was humbled by her dedication to her goal. Despite our limitations as people, if we set our mind, we can accomplish great things. I know, I know the pictures don't line up. Posting this for now but will work on it. I am learning.

Friday, June 6, 2014


It's National Donut Day.  So let me know what your preference is.....

Would you take a donut over eggs?  Which is healthier?

My preference is

I eat at least 12 eggs a week with the emphasis on AT LEAST?

Please share your preference and your thoughts....

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Traveling to Jersey was a highlight.  I want to share with you the reflection I wrote for the Poindexter Descendants Associates Newsletter:

I believe this picture was taken inside St. Savior but don't quote me on it.

One particular day, our last full day, captured the essence of what I've come to feel about Jersey.  Our group attended the service at the family parish of St/ Savior's Church.  Prior to the service there was an opportunity to walk the church grounds, view the gravesites, and think about the fact that your ancestors had walked on the same ground.  Once inside you could feel how excited the parishioners were that our group was attending Sunday service.  There was a connection when you shook their hands.

We late had lunch and tea with a group of invited guests that included Poingdestre families fro Jersey and others we had spent time with over seven days.  I sat with Jeremy Johnson, owner of Swan Farm and Reverend Swindel, the pastor of St. Saviour's Church.  The discussion was lively, educational and heartfelt
especially when talking about Jersey, Swan Farm and St. Saviour's Church.

This trip was about much more than places visited.  It was about more than our group and the people we met.  Jersey and its people capture your heart.  The island has a spirit and sense of independence that makes you never want to leave.  Once you've been to Jersey, it will always be a part of you.  You will always long to go back.

Inside Swan Farm...


Question?????  If you had two weeks to spend at any location in the world, where would it be?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Manic Mondays - How do you get through Mondays? #30summerdays

Reflection - It is just about getting through Mondays.  It is enjoying what you are doing.  Here is some of what I do that make Mondays extra special...

Start at 5:30 am with a great workout at

And then what do you need next on a Monday

Stopping to enjoy the simple beauties of summer

Made me smile to get more planting done with the boy

Earlier in the day when I stopped at the grocery store, I saw this bumper sticker which was the perfect reminder how to life on Monday or any day for that matter.  Fun part was the vehicle owner caught me taking the pictures and we ended up having a nice conversation.


Sunday, June 1, 2014


It was a quiet (meaning not crowded) work out at the YMCA.

Single leg deadlifts          8 x 75
                                         8 x 85
                                         8 x 95

In between each single leg deadlift I did straight leg sit ups with 35 pounds.

Glute Bridges                  8 x 225
                                        8 x 235
                                        8 x 245

I set up to do back squats and actually did one warm up set.  As per usual, I had to go to the bathroom.  When I came back someone had taken over my spot.  No big deal.  I decided to just move on.

Next up were my keeping the Arnold Pump and Run in mind bench presses.  Still not making great progress but good enough to get me through the Arnold if I decide I want to go to Ohio again.

Bench                              5 x 45 warm up set
                                        5 x 75
                                        5 x 80
                                        5 x 85

Then did a 3 x 6 rotation of single leg box squats, one arm rows (40 pounds), kettlebell squats (40 pounds and push ups.

For a finisher, I did 5 sets of the following:

kettlebell swings  10 x 40 (really working on form)
row for one minute

Call it an exercise morning. 


Early saturday morning I went to the civil war encampment on the Lynn common.  I specifically went to see the firing of the cannons by the 6th MA heavy artillery the company of my great grandfather.   Unfortunately, imessed up.  The cannon firing was this group.

And was still pretty amazing and loud.


Some of the soliders spent the night on the Common

President Lincoln was there and he even smiled at me...but not in this picture.

From LynnHappens...

Quick work out on Sunday morning (5 rounds of 10 swings with an extra focus on good form).  It was a picklicious day.