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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


There are times at 5:00 AM I just don't feel like getting in the car and driving to MBSC to work out. I want to work out. I love working out. I don't have to start work until 7:30 AM and sometimes I just feel like spending the morning in the comfort of my home until then. There was a time that I would drag my ass to Woburn. Now I give my permission to stay home a little longer. It doesn't mean I sacrifice a work out. What it does mean is that I do a shorter work out at home. Some of the toys I have at home... So I did 3 x 8 rounds of seated squats 3x 8 of barbell rows Then bring on the kettlebells 4 rounds of swings, deadlifts, military press, squats, and rows...lifting weights faster. Strength and cardio. Done for today. I felt better not rushing to dress and pack a bag to head to the gym. I will return to Boyle's on Friday. Thinking about being over 50 and what that means for future posts. Let me leave you with this thought though. Have you ever been someplace and seriously had to pee. Have you ever contemplated this as I did down at Nahant Beach:

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