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Monday, June 16, 2014


Father's Day Delayed the weekend end wrap up. There was too much celebration at Tatiana's in downtown Lynn. As a result of yesterday's celebration, I decided to sleep in this morning and skip the work out at MBSC. Unfortunately I was working and couldn't go to the Y later in the morning. No guilt. Sunday was fun.

Foam roll, stretch, active warm up.

I tried to do hip thrust as the Y. It just doesn't work. There is no way to set it up. So I bought a Hampton Pad to do them at home. We shall see.

 Instead I did

Glute Bridges 8 x 235 8 x 245 8 x 255 (PR baby)

Alternated the following three exercises

Deadlifts 3 x 165
                3 x 175
                3 x 180

Straight leg sit ups with 35 pounds 3 rounds of 6
Hip hinge with 45 pounds 3 x 8

Even though the intuitive testing tested well, I was just no feeling those deadlifts and decided to stop here.

Then did some rainbows and overhead presses. Presses were done at 45 pounds, 50 pounds and then 55 all times 8.

For a finisher I did 5 rounds of

10 kettlebell swings with 40 pounds. (I used 40 pounds because the Y does not have any kettlebells between 40 and 70 pounds
30 seconds of battle ropes.
one minute of rowing twice one minute on the cycling bikes 3 times
Switched from rowing to cycling because someone took over the
 rowing machine.

Quick shower and off I went to see Jes at


Fathers Day Quickie Work Out

Foam Rolling, Stretching and Active Warm Up

5 Round ladder of

50 kettlebell swings
5 Turkish get ups each side with 16 kg

40 kettlebell swings
4 TGUs each side

down to 10 swings and 1 TGU...

NO MATTER YOUR AGE MOVEMENT IS IMPORTANT.  Find what you love.  Find the movement, the exercise, the sport, or the dance that you will do and will enjoy. 

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