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Monday, March 30, 2015



The road to certification feels like a roller coaster ride because of this injury.  Some days, such as yesterday, it seems that I won't physically be able to handle the rigors of certification.  If you can't lift your right arm you can't do presses, snatches or Turkish Get Ups.  Then there are days that are almost pain free and I feel anything is possible.  The past few days contained many ups and downs.
I had treatment with Kevin on Thursday.  I felt just okay after Kevin worked on me.  There was some pain which may have been the after effects of treatment.
I woke up feeling Friday morning feeling pretty good so I did a home workout that consisted of foam rolling, rehab exercises and stretching.  Do I remember this work out.  Of course not.  That was days ago.  I do know  I do know I felt great the rest of the day.
Saturday morning I still felt great.  I thought maybe a miracle has happened.  I am cured.  Off to the Y I went eagerly looking forward to my workout. 
I was pressed for time so my workout was somewhat limited.  Before heading to the Y, I foam rolled, did my rehab exercises and did KB suitcase carries with my 45 pound bell. 
At the Y, I did the following (if I can remember)
4 rounds of
deadlifts @ 145, 155, 165 and 179 pounds. 
single leg deadlift with 40 pound kettlebell
Swings 8 @ 40 pounds
Bodyweight squats x 8
3 rounds of
Glute Bridges @ 215, 225 and 225 pounds
Straight leg situps x 6 with 25 pound plate
Next 3 rounds of
Skater squats x 6 with two 12.5 pounds weights
Dumb bell rows x 6 with 40 pound weight
And of course, against reason, I decided to attempt a press with an 8 pound KB on the right side and 26 pound on the left.  I did 3 sets on the left without any problems.  Almost doing two sets on the right was not so great.
I felt great immediately after the work out.  I spend some time working in the café at a yard sale that involved lifting and cooking.  Not on stitch of pain.  Felt great.  Later into the night, the right arm became very painful and for some reason extended into my IT band.  The next day it was painful and difficult to lift. 
Today I woke with very little pain.  I did an at home work out...of course it included foam rolling, stretching and rehab exercises.
Then I did farmers carries for 5 rounds with 35 pound KB.
I did 4 rounds of the following
Jefferson deadlifts x 4 @ 145 pounds
Single leg deadlifts x 8 @ 35 pounds in each hand
Swings with just my left hand x 8 @ 26 pounds.
Overhead press with my left hand x 5 @ 26 pounds.
Body weight squats x 10
My right hand sat out the presses and swings.  I decided not to take any chances. 
I took it slow and easy and did some walking in between. 
I moved on to biceps curls (something not usually included in my exercise routines) and one legged seated squats.  I only did 2 rounds and then called it a day. 
Big test how I feel tomorrow!  Hopefully there is good news.  Certification training at Iron Body Studios starts in a couple weeks.  I am cautiously optimistic...right now any way. 
At least I don't feel like this...

Sunday, March 22, 2015


The Snatch Test
I've mentioned a number of times that it is my intention to prepare and train for SFG1 Kettlebell certification.  It is also my intention to pass but this is one tough certification. 

What exactly is this certification?  According to their website

StrongFirst presents an integrated approach to overall strength and fitness at the SFG Certification.  One does not merely learn “kettlebells” at the SFG. The SFG instructor candidate learns principles of strength, and the precise ways in which kettlebells should be used for developing, maximizing, and maintaining strength. 

The certification takes place over 3 days.  Two days are spent preparing and training.  It is a hands on approach.  On Sunday, day 3, testing begins.  Testing includes a written test and a physical testing.  You also must demonstrate the ability to teach a student.  Hey, I am scaring myself writing this.  Those 3 days, especially at my age, will be mentally and physically challenging. 

The toughest challenge is the Snatch Test...100 snatches in 5 minutes.  The weight is dependent on male/female and age.  If you are interested in what it entails check out the video.  If viewing the video doesn't scare me out of attempting this, I don't know what will. 

This 14 minute explains what the StrongFirst Challenge is all about...

 So if you are wondering what I will be up to this you know!!!!

One thing I wanted to do with this blog is keep track of my work outs.  It seems to be the only place I do it.  I tried notebooks and such.  It never works.  Well, it seems I forgot yesterday...probably because I am not sure you could call it an official work out.

I did the foam rolling, stretches, warm ups and rehab exercises.  I played around with a few exercises but nothing felt great. 

What I did achieve was 5 assisted chin ups with my bands.  Remember these...

Bands rocking Gowdy Park

I really wasn't sure I could do any.  I though I would need a larger band.  Not as many as I would have liked but it was something.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


The week primarily consisted of rehab exercises and what I felt comfortable doing at home.  I have plenty of KBs, dumbbells, a bar, plates, jump rope, ladder, valslides among other such equipment. 

Today, instead of heading down to Iron Body Studios in Needham, I went to the Y.  I had a tough morning getting moving so it was a late start but it turned out to be a good work out.

I spend 35-40 minutes foam rolling, warming up, dynamic warm up and my rehab exercises.  I've decided to spend time focusing on the warm up and the rehab exercises. 

Then onto the bar...

3 Rounds of

     Deadlifts 145, 155 and 165 pounds x 3
     KB Swings at 40 pounds x 10
     Straight leg sit ups with 25 pound plate x 5

3 Rounds of

     Jefferson Deadlifts at 155 pounds x 5
     Single leg deadlifts at 40 pounds x 8
     Body weight squats x 8

3 Rounds of

     Glute Bridges at 215 pounds x 8
     Skate Squats x 6

3 Rounds of

     TRX Rows
     Suitcase Carry at 40 pounds
     Hanging Leg Raise

Here is an example of hanging leg raise.

I am not pushing my deadlifts and after doing the hanging left raises, I decided not to attempt my chin up.  Saving that for tomorrow. 

After a work out like this I feel great for the entire day.  Let's see what tomorrow brings. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I've Got The Music In ME!!!!!

Again, another discouraging day.  The injuries felt particular painful at work today.  I believe sitting and typing contribute and exercise helps alleviate the pain if done correctly. 

I am not one to get down.  I try to look at the positive.  Today was difficult.  I see that StrongFirst certification slipping through my fingertips.  As I was heading home I started singing the "I got the music in me" and I smiled and I felt better.  Listening to it on Youtube made me feel even better.  The words just fit my situation.

So what else brings a smile to my face?  What else makes me feel like "whatever happens, happens"

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes when they are at their best...and this was one of the best. 

And seeing Trash It Up one of the few times he did it live...

It was not just the music.  It was the interaction and audience participation.  Thinking about these two songs always makes me smile and feel better.

When a friend hands you a gift and says this reminds me of you...this reminds me of us because we are both weird...right Kat?  A simple shot glass makes me is a bond.

When I saw the face of my beautiful and intelligence niece and her boyfriend Paul on FaceBook...I smiled remembering Paul's graduation party.  Lots of dancing going on!

How can these two faces not make you smile?

And the boy, well, he mostly always makes me smile.  That is his arm and leg in the picture.  He is not a fan of pictures never mind pictures that are posted on facebook!

Plans, goals, and dreams don't always go as expected.  Maybe they don't go at all.  Maybe it is a detour.  Maybe it is the end.  Just keep pushing forward and keep an eye out for those things that make you smile.

On an exercise note...Tuesday and Thursdays are my rest and recovery days.  Today I did my rehab exercise.  Okay most of my rehab exercises.  Tonight I will do Farmer's Carries with two 35 pound kettlebells.  Tomorrow I will see Kevin Carr at Movement as Medicine.  Hoping for the best. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

WHAT IS THE CRAZY WOMAN DOING IN THE PARK IN ALL THE SNOW!!! a/k/a still working on chin ups.

As I work my way back to good health, I plan on (somewhat) logging my work outs here.  But first,  let me explain the title.  I brought my bands to the YMCA fully intending to use them today.  However, I just wasn't feeling chin ups at the Y.  I had my one inch black band and half inch red band.  Saturday at Iron Body Studios I did 3 sets of 5 with 2 one inch black bands.  I wasn't optimistic that I could do the chin ups with my two bands. 

So the decision was made.  On the way home I decided to stop at a local park to see if there was someplace to hang the bands and get in (or at least try) some chin ups. 

So I made my way from the street to the first piece of gym equipment where I thought I might be able to do a chin up.  This wasn't the easiest trek...kept thinking it would be nice to have snow shoes.  You can see my foot prints in the photo. 

I put the bands on the bar and attempted to get a foot in the bands.  I couldn't pull them down far enough.  So I decided to move on.  Off I went...

Put up the bands and made an attempt. 

Perfect!  One chin up.  Difficult but I did one.  I stepped down into the snow and it was up to my knee.  At this point I decided that was a lot of work for one chin up.  Walking in the snow was hard.  I called it a day.  What I did learn was that, come summer, this will be a great place to practice my chin ups!

And not one neighborhood called the police on the crazy lady walking through the snow and tying bands on the equipment in their local park.  Chin ups were all I did. 

Prior to my attempt at chin ups I did the following:

Spend a significant amount of time on foam rolling, warm ups and rehab exercises from Kevin.  Then I moved on the bar.  Bear in mind, I am not working a specific program.  I am just trying to do exercises that don't hurt.

5 sets of three deadlifts at 134, 145, 155, 165 and 170.  In between each set I did 8 swings with the 40 pound kettlebell.  In between I did some of my rehab exercises.

Next I did a circuit of Jefferson Deadlifts (SAY WHAT???), single leg deadlifts, body weight squats and more swings. 

I did:
4 sets of 4 Jefferson deadlifts with the first 2 sets at 145 pounds and the next two at 155.
4 sets of 8 single left deadlifts with a 40 pound kettlebell
8 body weight squats
6 swings with the 40 pound kettlebell

To end the morning at the Y, I did 3 sets of 8 skater squats.  I started with 5 pounds then 10 and finished 15 pounds.  I rotated the skater squats with dumbbell rows.  3 sets of 6 at 37.5 pounds.  My right arm felt comfortable with the weight, the sets and the number of reps. 

I stared at the hanging bar for awhile and contemplated chins ups but, as you know,  I decided trying them at the playground was a better idea. 

Now for SAY WHAT????  Curious about what a Jefferson Deadlift is?  Here is Jen Sinkler demonstrating. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015


It seems whenever I this injury acts up and changes how I approach life, I can't seem to keep up with this blog.  Now I am still exercising but not with the intensity I want.  I am increasing concerned that I will be able to complete the StrongFirst certification.  I am working with my massage therapist at Movement as Medicine, Kevin Carr, and it is helping. 

Friday I did a nice workout at the Y complete with deadlifts and worked out at Iron Body Studios yesterday.  My biggest concern is my ability to press overhead.  I am not giving up just being concerned.

There have also been some fun times...lots and lots of Southside Johnny.

Let me leave you with some quotes...

And let me add to the following quite...and exercise!

Don't get me wrong I love triathlons!!!!

This is really true for me which is why it is difficult having to limit what I do at the gym...

I know I have said it before and I will say it a hundred more times (and at least I can still do them pain free)