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Monday, December 28, 2015


Total number of swings for 4 weeks is 6,341.  My total for week four is 1854. 
There are lessons learned during this challenge:
  • My endurance came back pretty quickly.
  • I was able to push myself mentally to complete the challenge.  Most important was I was glad I pushed myself.  It felt good.
  • Each week I increased my number of swings.
  • I kept increasing weight.
  • You can be over 50, get and stay strong.
  • I can have kettlebells all over my house and it doesn't bother me at all!!!

Kettlebell Minefield


I skipped Day 4 but may go back to it later today.
I did 500 hand to hand swings.
I did 4 rounds with 12 kg....
I did 6 rounds with the 14 kg bell.

Tested out my wrist with 12 kg and for the most part it was good to go.


I pushed myself successfully and feeling good to complete W4D4 for 240 swings. Glad I got it done.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Still swinging

And wear an awesome pair of red shoes in the process!

I am a little behind this week...
Completed a total of 432 swings broken down as follows:
150 two handed swings.
5 rounds with the 16 kg bell
10 rounds with the 18 kg bell
252 one handed swings
5 rounds with the 12 kg bell
5 rounds with the 14 kg bell
10 rounds with the 16 kg bell.
I started another routine and did 30 swings but my hands were not cooperating...they did not want to snatch so I abandoned the routine...for today! 
I will have different posts the next few weeks as the swing challenge winds down. 
I am heading to the park now to begin a new session of focus on an unassisted chin up.  I've had many starts and stops with working on it is a new year. 

Friday, December 18, 2015


Crossing the finish line at Ladies Night Out...




250 swings plus an additional 100 swings for a total of 350. Wasn't sure I was going to have enough in the tank to get this done but I pushed through it and feel good. Glad I did.
This is normal a rest day for me...a day I don't do my regularly scheduled work out.


Did 110 swings with 14 kg. Then 204 one arm swings. I did 15 rounds with a 14 kg and then 2 rounds with a 16 kg. I decided to do a couple more rounds just to see if how I felt with increased weight.
Total for the day 214 swings.

That is all I've done (so far) this week and I was lucky to have got those swings has been a sick week. 

Updated to say W3D3 in the books:

I am a little behind this week...


I did 10 rounds of one arm swings for a total of 540. I debated switching to Day 4 but I was on such a roll, I decided to keep on going. All rounds were done with 14 kg. 

Hanging in there. I also did my regular work out before hitting up the swings. Guess I am feeling better.

Sunday, December 13, 2015


My Number
Carnation at the finish line

On a whim, I entered the Ladies Night Out road race in Newburyport.  Why?  I don't really know.  Maybe it was the wine, the wine glass, or the carnation at the end.  I could have bought them myself.
  I haven't run at all in about 5 years never mind in a road race.  Totally honestly.  I did not train for this race at all.  I did sprints twice.  The first time I did them for 10 minutes.  The second time I did them for 15 minutes.
Now for full disclosure...I didn't run the entire course.  I knew I had to approach this as a run/walk event...something I never would have done in the past.  My finish times in the past ranged from 25 minutes to 34 minutes depending on my training.  Yesterday I finished around 35 minutes.  (There was no official time.) 
I could have pushed myself harder but that is not what this race was about for me.  I was calm and relaxed.  I just wanted to have a good time and I did.
I deliberately wore my "LOVE HARD LIFT HEAVY SHIRT."  I knew it was going to be difficult for me to mentally do the run walk thing.  It is not how I am wired.  The shirt served as a reminder that I have changed course...I spend most of my exercise time lifting heavy things.  It gave me permission to walk. 
I say...
 Do what moves you...I think exercise.  Move your body in anyway in can.  Stay healthy.  Walk, run, hike, lift heavy, do yoga.  Do whatever moves you!
I haven't been posting this week because I've been off the grid (sometimes you just need a break) but it doesn't mean I haven't been swinging...
W2D1: 250 with 14 KG
W2D2: 280 with 14 kg
W2D3 270 14 kg
W2D4 120 with 16 kg (Thanks Rae) and 180 with 14 kg.

This issue I have been having as a result of swinging so much is that the left hand is cut up so yesterday I wrapped it so I could some heavier weight.  This is what my hands looked like...

Unfortunately due to my schedule, I couldn't swing on Thursday so tomorrow will be Day 5.


Monday, December 7, 2015


So I wrapped up the first week of Iron Body by Artemis Holiday Swing Challenge pretty strong.  Also, I did most of my regular workout during the week...if you know me you know I cannot live without Turkish Get Ups.

Day 5...
300 Swings
4 rounds with the 12 kg
2 rounds with the 14 kg.
Cut up my left hand yesterday. Wasn't sure I would be able to swing today but I did a pretty decent wrap job that lasted 6 rounds.
Total swings for the week = 1450!

  When I woke up Sunday morning, my body was exhausted.  I knew my planned work out was just not going to work.  So, I listened to my body.  I did 3 rounds of farmer's carries, racked carries and overhead carries.  When I am not feeling a work out, I always get in some carries. 

I always knew Sunday would involve a lot of walking. 
My day would involved was going to involved walking 1.2 miles to Gillette Stadium and 1.2 miles from Gillette back to the parking lot.  Then there was the hike up to my seat with the Gods. 

Point of all this is whether you are just starting out or if you are an experienced exercise enthusiasts, it is important to listen to your body.  It is important to learn the difference between a need to rest and simply a lack of motivation.   

Saturday, December 5, 2015


And I quote...

Yesterday's Swing Challenge:
Day 4...
Whoo Hoo! I FEEL GREAT. This challenge was just want I needed to kick my ass and get my engine restarted.
Totalled 280 swings.
100 2-handed swings with the 14 KG bell. I opted out of Double KB swings because my doubles need work and the challenge isn't the place to do it. I may slipp a couple rounds in as the challenge progresses. Also, this is a reminder to practice them.
180 one arm swings.
244 swings with the 14 kg
35 swings with the 16 kg.
Now let the weekend begin.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Iron Body by Aretmis Holiday Swing Challenge

I did this challenge last year and shared my postings from the Swing Challenge Facebook Page.  Thought I would share again.  I recommend you think about joining the challenge.  Gets your heart pumping in the comfort of your own home.  You can jump in on Day 4 or 5 if you have the interest.  Artemis is also doing the challenge on Periscope if you are interested.  Search @IrnBdyByArtemis.


Day 1

As usual these days, I wasn't sure what the actual work out was so I made up my own. I did 292 one handed swings with a 12 kg bell. I didn't quite achieve what I had set out to do but that is okay.
I've had very limited access to KBs the past 5 weeks due to vacation and traveling for work. So, now, I am working to get it back. So glad we are doing this.
BTW...I signed up for a 5K on 12/12 just for fun. Have I done any running in years. No, I have not. I had planned to but work travel derailed that. I will do some but I am hoping the conditioning from this KB challenge helps my endurance!

Day 2...

200 swings. Can I just say that I forgot how much this KB challenge I love this KB challenge and how great swings are.
After yesterday, my butt thanks you. Great soreness from yesterday. Deadlifts, squats, etc are great for the butt. Me...I always forget how great swings are too.

Day 3...

378 swings.
I did 5 rounds with a 12 kg bell...felt pretty easy. ...
Moved on to two rounds with a 14 kg bell...more difficult but working on that endurance. It is coming back.

Day 4 has not been done yet. Hopefully, I will be back later! Good times.