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Monday, December 28, 2015


Total number of swings for 4 weeks is 6,341.  My total for week four is 1854. 
There are lessons learned during this challenge:
  • My endurance came back pretty quickly.
  • I was able to push myself mentally to complete the challenge.  Most important was I was glad I pushed myself.  It felt good.
  • Each week I increased my number of swings.
  • I kept increasing weight.
  • You can be over 50, get and stay strong.
  • I can have kettlebells all over my house and it doesn't bother me at all!!!

Kettlebell Minefield


I skipped Day 4 but may go back to it later today.
I did 500 hand to hand swings.
I did 4 rounds with 12 kg....
I did 6 rounds with the 14 kg bell.

Tested out my wrist with 12 kg and for the most part it was good to go.


I pushed myself successfully and feeling good to complete W4D4 for 240 swings. Glad I got it done.


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