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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Still swinging

And wear an awesome pair of red shoes in the process!

I am a little behind this week...
Completed a total of 432 swings broken down as follows:
150 two handed swings.
5 rounds with the 16 kg bell
10 rounds with the 18 kg bell
252 one handed swings
5 rounds with the 12 kg bell
5 rounds with the 14 kg bell
10 rounds with the 16 kg bell.
I started another routine and did 30 swings but my hands were not cooperating...they did not want to snatch so I abandoned the routine...for today! 
I will have different posts the next few weeks as the swing challenge winds down. 
I am heading to the park now to begin a new session of focus on an unassisted chin up.  I've had many starts and stops with working on it is a new year. 

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