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Monday, June 27, 2016


So here I sit trying to figure out what to do with my day.  My left leg is now doing what my right leg did....swelling, pain and difficulty walking.  On Friday, the physical therapist said to ice it and take NSAIDS to get the swelling down.  He said to work out as long as it is pain free.  It was better than Friday but no where near 100%.  I need to sit more than I would like.

Saturday and Monday a did a couple very modified work outs.  The lower body is getting limited work which makes me very sad. 

Because movement is limited, I bring you this blog posting.  Of course it is one that doesn't require much thought.  Yes, a synopsis of the certification weekend is long over due.  Hope to do one soon because there are many kudos to share.

Here is the status of my garden...

My grape vine is rocking!

Some of the tomatoes including some green tomatoes.  There are an amazing number of green tomatoes...I smile every time I look at them.

Some are in pots and some are in the ground.

Broccoli Rabe...waiting for transfer
 Every year we grow corn.  Believe it or not it usually does well.  What's the problem?  The squirrels know exactly when the corn is ready.  Sometimes they end up with more delicious corn than we do.  Me?  I would prefer not to grow corn, but the boy insists on it.

Lettuce was bountiful...

I started my baby zucchini from seed in small pots.  They have since been transplanted.  They are doing well.  The small plants behind the squash are tomatoes grown from seeds from tomatoes from Maine.  The boy is always experimenting. 

I found this link on growing squash so they don't run wild which does become a problems.  

Much more is going on but that is the only pictures I took.  The eggplant is flowering.  The herbs are flourishing (and frequently being used.).  The peppers other than the cubanelles don't look particularly happy out there.  Both butternut squash plants look good. 

And the fig tree...not looking so good.  Okay it is looking dead but I am not yet prepared to admit it. 

That is all I've got for now.

Pick a tomato from the garden...add a little bit of salt, some good quality extra virgin olive oil, garlic and let it all marinade for awhile.  Heaven on earth!

Thursday, June 9, 2016



I spent the last couple of months bemoaning my injuries and freaking babying myself.  I didn't train for the cert enough or at all.  I didn't think I could hit the numbers.  Apparently somewhere along the line I forgot what weight I had to lift and press.  I stumbled on the a notebook. 

Baby...the weight I have to pull and press is so very doable I can taste it.  If I had effing trained, there would be no doubt that I could pass the deadlift and the military press.  Plus training is the process and I effing love the process.  I feel like I missed out on something.

We were told we needed knee length socks for although not entirely evident in this pic...I decided to sparkle.

The strength component of the bench press is also within reach but, honestly, it will still difficult.  Ya know what...I am giving it my best effort. 

Here is what is making me so angry right now...right this minute.  I never ever ever give up on myself.  I fight.  I do what I need to do.  Oh did you say never?  Not true this time.  I gave up myself.  I didn't try or put in the work.  Don't get me wrong.  I was working out but I wasn't focused on the goals.  I WAS EFFING READY TO DROP OUT OF THE CERTIFICATION.  I appreciate the fact that Dr. Hartle convinced me otherwise.

I am facing tomorrow with a new frame of mind.  Anything can happen.  Anything is possible.  By the end of the weekend I may actually pass a skill or two.  Rock on...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Follow me on the journey!!!
Yes, bear with me everyone.  I will be pretty obsessive until this weekend is over.  I am trying to mentally get my head in the game.  Until Tuesday it will be blah, blah, blah barbell, blah blah blah StrongFirst, and blah blah blah certification.  Hang in there with me please.   

When I am training at the gym or at a certification, I really like to push my limits.  I want people to respect the amount of weight I can lift.  I think when people look at me they realize my strength.  I've worked hard.  I have been dedicated.  I like showing that to speak.
Skill of Strength - home base for the weekend.
I also did a barbell user course here.  Find me in the picture
if you can.
The SFL this weekend will be different.  My injury really does limit what I can do at the moment.  I won't be squatting.  Goblet squats with an 8 kg kettlebell are a challenge at the moment.  I didn't train my press or bench because I was in a funk nor did I want to hurt myself.  I am not sure what weight I can bench or press.

Anyway, as the excitement builds, let me share some videos and words from Strong First (not necessarily barbell).  

The following video does bring tears to my eyes.  First, because it is so exciting.  StrongFirst weekends are amazing.  Second because I will not be able to fully participate in the weekend as I had planned.

I am an introvert who willing does the StrongFirst experience.  Go figure!


Monday, June 6, 2016


A friend posted a Marilyn Monroe quote this week.  I liked it.  I wanted to read and reflect on other quotes attributed to her.  So here we go...

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Yes...despite my lack of substantial training, I am doing the StrongFirst Barbell Certification next weekend.  Dr. Hartle, Chief SFL, convinced me to attend the weekend.  The plus is I will have the opportunity after the weekend to video the technique, send it to Dr. Hartle and pass.  So it is on. Wish me luck and yes I am crazy!

Dr. Michael Hartle

According the StrongFirst website the requirements are:


Student must complete 1 repetition (conventional or sumo) with a weight that is equivalent to:
Men—2 x bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg, not to exceed 450lbs/205kg
 Women—1.5 x bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg
Bench Press
Student must complete 1 repetition with a weight that is equivalent to:
Men—1 ¼ bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg
Females—3/4 bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg


The following skills are tested for 5 reps with the specified weights:
  • Back Squat
Men—bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg.
Women—3/4 bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg.
  • Deadlift (conventional or sumo)
Men—1.5x bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg.
Women—bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg.
  • Military Press
Men—2/3 bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg.
Women—1/2 bodyweight, rounded up to the nearest 5lbs/2.5kg

Want to check out what happens?  It is only 5 minutes long.