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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Follow me on the journey!!!
Yes, bear with me everyone.  I will be pretty obsessive until this weekend is over.  I am trying to mentally get my head in the game.  Until Tuesday it will be blah, blah, blah barbell, blah blah blah StrongFirst, and blah blah blah certification.  Hang in there with me please.   

When I am training at the gym or at a certification, I really like to push my limits.  I want people to respect the amount of weight I can lift.  I think when people look at me they realize my strength.  I've worked hard.  I have been dedicated.  I like showing that to speak.
Skill of Strength - home base for the weekend.
I also did a barbell user course here.  Find me in the picture
if you can.
The SFL this weekend will be different.  My injury really does limit what I can do at the moment.  I won't be squatting.  Goblet squats with an 8 kg kettlebell are a challenge at the moment.  I didn't train my press or bench because I was in a funk nor did I want to hurt myself.  I am not sure what weight I can bench or press.

Anyway, as the excitement builds, let me share some videos and words from Strong First (not necessarily barbell).  

The following video does bring tears to my eyes.  First, because it is so exciting.  StrongFirst weekends are amazing.  Second because I will not be able to fully participate in the weekend as I had planned.

I am an introvert who willing does the StrongFirst experience.  Go figure!


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