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Friday, December 4, 2015

Iron Body by Aretmis Holiday Swing Challenge

I did this challenge last year and shared my postings from the Swing Challenge Facebook Page.  Thought I would share again.  I recommend you think about joining the challenge.  Gets your heart pumping in the comfort of your own home.  You can jump in on Day 4 or 5 if you have the interest.  Artemis is also doing the challenge on Periscope if you are interested.  Search @IrnBdyByArtemis.


Day 1

As usual these days, I wasn't sure what the actual work out was so I made up my own. I did 292 one handed swings with a 12 kg bell. I didn't quite achieve what I had set out to do but that is okay.
I've had very limited access to KBs the past 5 weeks due to vacation and traveling for work. So, now, I am working to get it back. So glad we are doing this.
BTW...I signed up for a 5K on 12/12 just for fun. Have I done any running in years. No, I have not. I had planned to but work travel derailed that. I will do some but I am hoping the conditioning from this KB challenge helps my endurance!

Day 2...

200 swings. Can I just say that I forgot how much this KB challenge I love this KB challenge and how great swings are.
After yesterday, my butt thanks you. Great soreness from yesterday. Deadlifts, squats, etc are great for the butt. Me...I always forget how great swings are too.

Day 3...

378 swings.
I did 5 rounds with a 12 kg bell...felt pretty easy. ...
Moved on to two rounds with a 14 kg bell...more difficult but working on that endurance. It is coming back.

Day 4 has not been done yet. Hopefully, I will be back later! Good times.

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