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Sunday, November 29, 2015

I BELIEVE I DRANK ALL THE WINE IN ROME and other lifestyle statements

The line is not original.  I borrowed it from Neghar Fanooni.  However, it is a true statement.  Italian red wine is superior to many other wines.  I did my best to make sure there was none left before I returned home.  

Several weeks ago I traveled to Rome for an extended vacation.  Prior to boarding the Alitalia flight, I made the decision to drink bountiful amounts of incredibly delicious wine and to enjoy Roman specialties such as Cacio e Pepe, Carbonari and Gelato to the fullest.  Copious amounts of wine was consumed especially on the rooftop terrace of the hotel.  A glass of wine with lunch...yes, please and thank you very much.

After sampling Gelato!  No wine was involved.
I also knew that exercise would be a challenge because I was staying in a small hotel without a gym.  I brought some bands and valslides but that type of exercise was not a priority.  What I did do was walk especially early in the morning, alone, as the city was waking up.  Early morning walks in a new city are a favorite.  During a walk I did find this guy...and who could resist a picture with these buns.  He has obviously been working out.  He reminded me why I love deadlifts, squats, hip thrusts, glute bridges and swings.  I also biked the via Appian Way among other roads. 

Who could resist a picture of these buns.
 Roman food, wine, culture and people were spectacular.  I enjoyed all the best that Rome had to offer without much damage to my nutrition or strength.  You can vacation, enjoy yourself and still be true to your goals.  
Big, bad, delicious ravioli for sharing

Caccio e Pepe

Thank you for the best Caccio e Pepe in all of Rome!
  Once home, I started back with my regular routine.  My strength was the same but my endurance had slipped a little.  I attended Simple Nutrition and Conditioning Workshop at Iron Body Studios the Saturday following my return and felt the conditioning for sure.  This was not unexpected. 

Photo courtesy of Iron Body Studios - I am in the small group photo.
What I did not plan on when I returned from Rome was two and half work related weeks in New York City and I don't mean normal work week.  It was two and a half weeks of long, stressful hours. 
After seeing a facepage posting by Dafna Hayman, personal trainer extraordinaire, I ordered a frig for the room and did some food prep.  I went to Whole Foods and filled the refrigerator with fruit, vegetables, eggs (dur) and a roasted chicken.  (Sidenote:  Road rage in the aisles of Whole Foods?  I kid you not.)  The hotel had an excellent gym.  Strategy was to hit the gym early in the morning.
However, not everything went as expected.  Food worked out great.  No need to hit up a restaurant except for some coffee.  Note:  I did try to find some coldbrew coffee for ice coffee in the morning but it was no where to be found.  The part of the plan where I would hit up the gym didn't go as expected.  I was working long, late hours and I was exhausted.  The thought of lifting anything heavy felt impossible.  So again, I had to let you go.  I was already physically and emotional exhausted.  No guilt.
Fast forward to the end of the second week and I was able to hit up the gym a couple times.  Guilt was starting to set in...
Now I am home.  It took a few days to get back to it but I feel I am mostly back strength wise with the exception of my deadlift.  But I love deadlifts!  Endurance is at an all time low.  Working it back slowly.
That being said, point is, you can plan and still keep nutrition and strength.  Life can throw you a curve ball and you can still maintain your strength and nutrition.  Just takes a little planning.    It was nice that a couple people at the gym this morning told me I looked great...I tell you this because what it did was confirm that you can take a vacation and have an unplanned trip away from home and still keep it together.
Fast forward two weeks...I signed up for a 5K...something I haven't done in a very long time.  I have not run one mile since I signed up.  So, we shall see.


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