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Monday, October 5, 2015


There are a couple postings I want to share with you.  This post can by found at  It was written by Artemis Scantalides.  The post is a reminder to me that I need to sit down and write.  I need to carve out the time.  All those crazy ideas rattling around in my head while I am driving should be written down as soon as I stop the car.  It is a reflection of where I would like to be.

I want to make sure I give proper I give you this motivational (to me) post by Artemis.  Please check out her facebook page and Iron Body Studios.    

The Writer
I have a list of administrative tasks I want to complete today, including write or at least start to write a blog post.
As I was getting ready to leave my house this morning to walk to work, I had my back pack on, strapped and buckled, headphones in my ears, lunch bag in my hand, when I realized that I didn’t have the notes I wrote down for the blog I wanted to write.

I wrote notes for this blog almost a month ago while Eric and I were on vacation on a page on the inside cover of the Precision Nutrition textbook while I was studying at the beach.
I was trying to study and these thoughts kept popping into my head and distracting me from studying so I just wrote on what was available to me. A textbook.
I didn’t want to bring the whole textbook with me so I ripped the page out of the book.
I laughed at myself after I ripped this page out of the textbook. I laughed because 1) every writer has writing habits that are specific to him or her, and 2) when did I become “a writer”?? Haha!
But I am. I write, I post, I share. It’s a large part of what I do.
Daily, I record ideas and notes for posts and blogs.
Sometimes I write them down by hand on a miscellaneous piece of paper.
If I’m on my computer I will type them into a word document or in notepad.

Or if the only thing I have handy is my phone I will text these thoughts to myself.
I send texts to myself A LOT.
Many times, I come up with the best ideas while I’m in the shower and when I do, as soon as I get out and dry myself off I write them down or text them to myself.
I am a maniac.
A few weeks ago I was listening to an interview with Becca Borawski Jenkins, former Managing Editor for Breaking Muscle, on the RDella Training Podcast. Scott Iardella asked Becca about writing, her writing habits, and how does one become a better writer.
Number one on her list was if you want to become a better writer you find time to write EVERY DAY. You practice. Writing can be a blog, a social media post (YES A SOCIAL MEDIA POST), or a contribution to an article for a publication.
I never really thought about social media posts as “writing” or practice towards writing but Becca is correct. It IS writing. It counts as practice.
For those of you who are writers, what are YOUR writing habits?
Does it take you 20 minutes to get situated with your tea (or in my case kombucha) before you sit in your special spot on the couch to write?
Do you record thoughts on miscellaneous pieces of paper at random times of the day?
For those of you who are aspiring writers and who are wondering how to get better at writing, it’s like anything else, you must PRACTICE writing EVERY DAY.

A more recent blog post by Artemis also struck a cord....please check it out especially if you are interested in training.  Becoming stronger and sticking with a goal or program takes a lot of mental fortitude.

This is where if all began for training toward SFG certification.  Check out Artemis' workshop.  It will put you on the road to greater strength or it will enhance your current path. 
From Iron Body Studios...I AM Not Afraid To Lift

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