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Monday, March 16, 2015

WHAT IS THE CRAZY WOMAN DOING IN THE PARK IN ALL THE SNOW!!! a/k/a still working on chin ups.

As I work my way back to good health, I plan on (somewhat) logging my work outs here.  But first,  let me explain the title.  I brought my bands to the YMCA fully intending to use them today.  However, I just wasn't feeling chin ups at the Y.  I had my one inch black band and half inch red band.  Saturday at Iron Body Studios I did 3 sets of 5 with 2 one inch black bands.  I wasn't optimistic that I could do the chin ups with my two bands. 

So the decision was made.  On the way home I decided to stop at a local park to see if there was someplace to hang the bands and get in (or at least try) some chin ups. 

So I made my way from the street to the first piece of gym equipment where I thought I might be able to do a chin up.  This wasn't the easiest trek...kept thinking it would be nice to have snow shoes.  You can see my foot prints in the photo. 

I put the bands on the bar and attempted to get a foot in the bands.  I couldn't pull them down far enough.  So I decided to move on.  Off I went...

Put up the bands and made an attempt. 

Perfect!  One chin up.  Difficult but I did one.  I stepped down into the snow and it was up to my knee.  At this point I decided that was a lot of work for one chin up.  Walking in the snow was hard.  I called it a day.  What I did learn was that, come summer, this will be a great place to practice my chin ups!

And not one neighborhood called the police on the crazy lady walking through the snow and tying bands on the equipment in their local park.  Chin ups were all I did. 

Prior to my attempt at chin ups I did the following:

Spend a significant amount of time on foam rolling, warm ups and rehab exercises from Kevin.  Then I moved on the bar.  Bear in mind, I am not working a specific program.  I am just trying to do exercises that don't hurt.

5 sets of three deadlifts at 134, 145, 155, 165 and 170.  In between each set I did 8 swings with the 40 pound kettlebell.  In between I did some of my rehab exercises.

Next I did a circuit of Jefferson Deadlifts (SAY WHAT???), single leg deadlifts, body weight squats and more swings. 

I did:
4 sets of 4 Jefferson deadlifts with the first 2 sets at 145 pounds and the next two at 155.
4 sets of 8 single left deadlifts with a 40 pound kettlebell
8 body weight squats
6 swings with the 40 pound kettlebell

To end the morning at the Y, I did 3 sets of 8 skater squats.  I started with 5 pounds then 10 and finished 15 pounds.  I rotated the skater squats with dumbbell rows.  3 sets of 6 at 37.5 pounds.  My right arm felt comfortable with the weight, the sets and the number of reps. 

I stared at the hanging bar for awhile and contemplated chins ups but, as you know,  I decided trying them at the playground was a better idea. 

Now for SAY WHAT????  Curious about what a Jefferson Deadlift is?  Here is Jen Sinkler demonstrating. 

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