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Monday, March 30, 2015



The road to certification feels like a roller coaster ride because of this injury.  Some days, such as yesterday, it seems that I won't physically be able to handle the rigors of certification.  If you can't lift your right arm you can't do presses, snatches or Turkish Get Ups.  Then there are days that are almost pain free and I feel anything is possible.  The past few days contained many ups and downs.
I had treatment with Kevin on Thursday.  I felt just okay after Kevin worked on me.  There was some pain which may have been the after effects of treatment.
I woke up feeling Friday morning feeling pretty good so I did a home workout that consisted of foam rolling, rehab exercises and stretching.  Do I remember this work out.  Of course not.  That was days ago.  I do know  I do know I felt great the rest of the day.
Saturday morning I still felt great.  I thought maybe a miracle has happened.  I am cured.  Off to the Y I went eagerly looking forward to my workout. 
I was pressed for time so my workout was somewhat limited.  Before heading to the Y, I foam rolled, did my rehab exercises and did KB suitcase carries with my 45 pound bell. 
At the Y, I did the following (if I can remember)
4 rounds of
deadlifts @ 145, 155, 165 and 179 pounds. 
single leg deadlift with 40 pound kettlebell
Swings 8 @ 40 pounds
Bodyweight squats x 8
3 rounds of
Glute Bridges @ 215, 225 and 225 pounds
Straight leg situps x 6 with 25 pound plate
Next 3 rounds of
Skater squats x 6 with two 12.5 pounds weights
Dumb bell rows x 6 with 40 pound weight
And of course, against reason, I decided to attempt a press with an 8 pound KB on the right side and 26 pound on the left.  I did 3 sets on the left without any problems.  Almost doing two sets on the right was not so great.
I felt great immediately after the work out.  I spend some time working in the café at a yard sale that involved lifting and cooking.  Not on stitch of pain.  Felt great.  Later into the night, the right arm became very painful and for some reason extended into my IT band.  The next day it was painful and difficult to lift. 
Today I woke with very little pain.  I did an at home work out...of course it included foam rolling, stretching and rehab exercises.
Then I did farmers carries for 5 rounds with 35 pound KB.
I did 4 rounds of the following
Jefferson deadlifts x 4 @ 145 pounds
Single leg deadlifts x 8 @ 35 pounds in each hand
Swings with just my left hand x 8 @ 26 pounds.
Overhead press with my left hand x 5 @ 26 pounds.
Body weight squats x 10
My right hand sat out the presses and swings.  I decided not to take any chances. 
I took it slow and easy and did some walking in between. 
I moved on to biceps curls (something not usually included in my exercise routines) and one legged seated squats.  I only did 2 rounds and then called it a day. 
Big test how I feel tomorrow!  Hopefully there is good news.  Certification training at Iron Body Studios starts in a couple weeks.  I am cautiously optimistic...right now any way. 
At least I don't feel like this...

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