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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Food is a bonding experience.  It brings together friends and families.  As I've said before there is nothing I enjoy more than picking out fresh food and meat, uncorking a bottle of wine and enjoying a beautifully prepared meal. 

The best veggies ever come from my garden....scenes from the past few years...

Late summer pickings

Sweet Potatoes



Green Pepper but we also grow habanero, jalapeno, banana peppers,
and serrano peppers


 Coming home from work and picking dinner from the garden is my favorite part of summer.  Tomatoes are usually overflowing.  On the menu at least once a day is a BAS brought to you by Jill Coleman.  Check out her ideas on making salads yummy and filling.


Let's talk local.  Find a farm you trust buy there fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat.  Know where your food comes from.  Check out this clip.

The first woman's weight lifting blog I started reading was Krista Scott Dixon's.  She has an interesting out of the box take on everything including food.

I have a love of farms.  I probably romanticize them a bit.  Some interesting articles on farming and learning to farm.

First time I had these raw oysters was at Short and Main in Gloucester....$1.00 each the first hour they were open.  Best oysters ever.  Now, you can visit their oyster farm.

A goat farm...Toad's Farm

Find a CSA.  Support a local farm.  Visit a local farm.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

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