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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I've Got The Music In ME!!!!!

Again, another discouraging day.  The injuries felt particular painful at work today.  I believe sitting and typing contribute and exercise helps alleviate the pain if done correctly. 

I am not one to get down.  I try to look at the positive.  Today was difficult.  I see that StrongFirst certification slipping through my fingertips.  As I was heading home I started singing the "I got the music in me" and I smiled and I felt better.  Listening to it on Youtube made me feel even better.  The words just fit my situation.

So what else brings a smile to my face?  What else makes me feel like "whatever happens, happens"

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes when they are at their best...and this was one of the best. 

And seeing Trash It Up one of the few times he did it live...

It was not just the music.  It was the interaction and audience participation.  Thinking about these two songs always makes me smile and feel better.

When a friend hands you a gift and says this reminds me of you...this reminds me of us because we are both weird...right Kat?  A simple shot glass makes me is a bond.

When I saw the face of my beautiful and intelligence niece and her boyfriend Paul on FaceBook...I smiled remembering Paul's graduation party.  Lots of dancing going on!

How can these two faces not make you smile?

And the boy, well, he mostly always makes me smile.  That is his arm and leg in the picture.  He is not a fan of pictures never mind pictures that are posted on facebook!

Plans, goals, and dreams don't always go as expected.  Maybe they don't go at all.  Maybe it is a detour.  Maybe it is the end.  Just keep pushing forward and keep an eye out for those things that make you smile.

On an exercise note...Tuesday and Thursdays are my rest and recovery days.  Today I did my rehab exercise.  Okay most of my rehab exercises.  Tonight I will do Farmer's Carries with two 35 pound kettlebells.  Tomorrow I will see Kevin Carr at Movement as Medicine.  Hoping for the best. 

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