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Sunday, March 22, 2015


The Snatch Test
I've mentioned a number of times that it is my intention to prepare and train for SFG1 Kettlebell certification.  It is also my intention to pass but this is one tough certification. 

What exactly is this certification?  According to their website

StrongFirst presents an integrated approach to overall strength and fitness at the SFG Certification.  One does not merely learn “kettlebells” at the SFG. The SFG instructor candidate learns principles of strength, and the precise ways in which kettlebells should be used for developing, maximizing, and maintaining strength. 

The certification takes place over 3 days.  Two days are spent preparing and training.  It is a hands on approach.  On Sunday, day 3, testing begins.  Testing includes a written test and a physical testing.  You also must demonstrate the ability to teach a student.  Hey, I am scaring myself writing this.  Those 3 days, especially at my age, will be mentally and physically challenging. 

The toughest challenge is the Snatch Test...100 snatches in 5 minutes.  The weight is dependent on male/female and age.  If you are interested in what it entails check out the video.  If viewing the video doesn't scare me out of attempting this, I don't know what will. 

This 14 minute explains what the StrongFirst Challenge is all about...

 So if you are wondering what I will be up to this you know!!!!

One thing I wanted to do with this blog is keep track of my work outs.  It seems to be the only place I do it.  I tried notebooks and such.  It never works.  Well, it seems I forgot yesterday...probably because I am not sure you could call it an official work out.

I did the foam rolling, stretches, warm ups and rehab exercises.  I played around with a few exercises but nothing felt great. 

What I did achieve was 5 assisted chin ups with my bands.  Remember these...

Bands rocking Gowdy Park

I really wasn't sure I could do any.  I though I would need a larger band.  Not as many as I would have liked but it was something.

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