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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Traveling to Jersey was a highlight.  I want to share with you the reflection I wrote for the Poindexter Descendants Associates Newsletter:

I believe this picture was taken inside St. Savior but don't quote me on it.

One particular day, our last full day, captured the essence of what I've come to feel about Jersey.  Our group attended the service at the family parish of St/ Savior's Church.  Prior to the service there was an opportunity to walk the church grounds, view the gravesites, and think about the fact that your ancestors had walked on the same ground.  Once inside you could feel how excited the parishioners were that our group was attending Sunday service.  There was a connection when you shook their hands.

We late had lunch and tea with a group of invited guests that included Poingdestre families fro Jersey and others we had spent time with over seven days.  I sat with Jeremy Johnson, owner of Swan Farm and Reverend Swindel, the pastor of St. Saviour's Church.  The discussion was lively, educational and heartfelt
especially when talking about Jersey, Swan Farm and St. Saviour's Church.

This trip was about much more than places visited.  It was about more than our group and the people we met.  Jersey and its people capture your heart.  The island has a spirit and sense of independence that makes you never want to leave.  Once you've been to Jersey, it will always be a part of you.  You will always long to go back.

Inside Swan Farm...


Question?????  If you had two weeks to spend at any location in the world, where would it be?

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