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Sunday, June 1, 2014


It was a quiet (meaning not crowded) work out at the YMCA.

Single leg deadlifts          8 x 75
                                         8 x 85
                                         8 x 95

In between each single leg deadlift I did straight leg sit ups with 35 pounds.

Glute Bridges                  8 x 225
                                        8 x 235
                                        8 x 245

I set up to do back squats and actually did one warm up set.  As per usual, I had to go to the bathroom.  When I came back someone had taken over my spot.  No big deal.  I decided to just move on.

Next up were my keeping the Arnold Pump and Run in mind bench presses.  Still not making great progress but good enough to get me through the Arnold if I decide I want to go to Ohio again.

Bench                              5 x 45 warm up set
                                        5 x 75
                                        5 x 80
                                        5 x 85

Then did a 3 x 6 rotation of single leg box squats, one arm rows (40 pounds), kettlebell squats (40 pounds and push ups.

For a finisher, I did 5 sets of the following:

kettlebell swings  10 x 40 (really working on form)
row for one minute

Call it an exercise morning. 


Early saturday morning I went to the civil war encampment on the Lynn common.  I specifically went to see the firing of the cannons by the 6th MA heavy artillery the company of my great grandfather.   Unfortunately, imessed up.  The cannon firing was this group.

And was still pretty amazing and loud.


Some of the soliders spent the night on the Common

President Lincoln was there and he even smiled at me...but not in this picture.

From LynnHappens...

Quick work out on Sunday morning (5 rounds of 10 swings with an extra focus on good form).  It was a picklicious day. 

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