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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Usually I post my weekend work outs...primarily so I can remember them from weekend to weekend.  I guess the blog becomes a training log.  I am not going to detail my work outs.  I have some different thoughts this weekend.

When I walk into the Y on the weekend, I really do think of myself as a lifting badass for a 56 year old anyway.  It is the place I wear what I call my bad ass shirts.  Today it was this shirt

And yesterday this one.
Just a side bar...I am not quite ready to wear these but you know I want to wear them.
Today I met someone who is really badass... There is a woman who has been going to the Y the past several months. She is overweight and wears bulky sneakers. Every weekend I am there, she is there riding that bike. She has been a constant presence. She is always smiling. You know she is enjoying her work out. I am not one for conversation when I am working out but have been exchanging pleasantries with her. Good morning. How are you doing? Have a nice work out? Today after she finished out the bike, she started walking the treadmill. She looked like she had lost some weight. I went over to tell her how amazing she was working the bike and then the treadmill which was clearly a little more difficulty for her. During my exchange with her I learned she is the real badass...not only does she wear a brace to her knee, she has spina bifida. She told me she is at the Y 5-6 days/week. Her plan is to walk the Cancer Walk...all 6.2 miles of it. And with all her training she has lost 15 pounds. I was humbled by her dedication to her goal. Despite our limitations as people, if we set our mind, we can accomplish great things. I know, I know the pictures don't line up. Posting this for now but will work on it. I am learning.

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