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Monday, January 4, 2016

Started a 21 Day Squat Challenge and while it might be the most exciting blogging, it helps me keep track of my numbers, keeps me motivated and may just motivated one other person.

So my posting on their private FB board:

"Joining you all a little late but I did play catch up.
Day 1: 20 squats. Started off with 12 kg goblet squats for 2 sets. My legs were feeling tight. Warmed up quickly and switch to doubles 12 kg squats.
Day 2: 25 squats. Doubles with 12kg.
Day 3: 30 squats. Doubles with 12 kg.
Motivation for doing this challenge is, by week 3 is to be using double 16 kg bells."

So yes, yesterday I did 75 squats.  My butt is beyond sore.  I did them before a regularly scheduled work out.  What I need to do with this challenge is make sure I keep up with my regular work outs. 

Day 4 calls for 35 squats.  Gotta get to it!

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