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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Sorry it is over the edge but it was the only way I could arrange it so you could read the words

When you get a birthday card this good, you just need to update your birthday gratitude blog.  Who wouldn't be grateful for a card like this?  It definitely has a back story. 

Well yesterday was deadlift day.  (Yes.  I am deadlift obsessed.  Everyone should be deadlift obsessed.  Just saying.)  It was the day before my 58th birthday and I was deadlifting 175 pounds.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be pushing 60 and deadlifting that much weight.  (Just a reminder that my PR is 210 pounds at age 57.) 

I am not getting older...I am getting stronger.  Me at 57 years old...

I have also become more grateful.  It really is the simple that is important.  It has been a very happy birthday to me. 

I've talked for years about a shed for the backyard.  This year the boy decided to build one.  He is not a carpenter.  He is not skilled in the trades.  He learned to build it from watching youtube videos.

Kettlebell rack so that I now have law and order in the living room. 

Who said I can't wear crazy leggings to work out?

Very special friends and my partner in crime!

Thank you Ann and Dad for knowing what is important.  Memories. 

Let the parties begin...

Celebrations with this crew at the Antique Table....

And Tequila and Cake with my chicas at Temezcal...
It was a very bad hair day!!!!

Gratitude.  All the happy birthday emails and texts and the Facebook happy birthdays.
I leave you with this...just because!

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