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Thursday, January 28, 2016


Today, at work, someone delivered a 45 pound box.  I said that I would carry the box down the hall to where it needed to go.

The deliver man said, "This box weighs about 45 pounds.  It is heavy.  You can't carry that."  I started to laugh and said, "No, really I can."  The response, "Oh don't be silly.  He picked up the box and walked down the hall.

You know I was steaming.  I want to spew out all my credentials.  I won't do list them again here.  I've done it before...plenty of times. 

I will say I had a 14 kg kettlebell in my office that I wanted to start pressing, snatching and swinging (which I had planned to do during my lunch hour.).  I also wanted to tell him I do farmers carries almost every day with 16 kg or 18 kg kettlebells.  Instead, I said nothing. 

Did I do the right thing by remaining silent?  What would you have done?

After a Personal Record and before I got a phone
that made it easy to take selfies.

After deadlifting 175 pounds for the first time!

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