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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Adventure, Challenges, Confidence and Learning...

I read a posting by Jill Coleman in which she talked about setting a theme for the year...not a goal specifically or a resolution but a theme or mantra.  Her 2016 mantra is joy.  (You can find her here:  ) 

When I think about it, my mantra for the past several has been "living out side my comfort zone."  It wasn't a conscious decision but it evolved.  I've put myself in uncomfortable positions (for me) and survived.  Maybe you could even say I thrived.  Because of my increasing ability to "comfortably" live outside my comfort zone, I was able to attend the StrongFirst certification and pass. 

Jill's post motivated me to reflect on what my 2016 theme or mantra should be.  I have an agenda I want to advance.  Not only that but for the past several years, I have not thought about learning, more specific learning new things. 

So I spent time thinking what my new theme for 2016 it would be "work hard" but the words that stuck with me were adventure, challenges, confidence and learning. 

And then today I read this by Glennon on her blog, Momastery...

"I don’t want a new, better life in 2016. I just want new eyes to see that my life is already staggeringly beautiful. 
I don’t want to be a better mom in 2016. I just want new eyes to see that the miracle is not good better best — the miracle is that these people are mine and I am theirs. Full stop.
And I don’t want to be a BETTER ME in 2016. Screw that. I don’t want to chase after some imaginary more fabulous version of myself. I AM what the people I love need. I already AM. And when we are always BECOMING we have no room to BE. So I’m done striving. I’m fine, thanks. I’m showing up to love my people and you and the world this year JUST AS I AM." outside your comfort zone wasn't a theme I picked at the beginning of some random year.  It just evolved.  It was really just me being me.

But, I do have serious changes I want to make this year.  Do I need to define them or name them or do just need to do them? 

Ultimately, I need accountability...not that it always works.  Some, only some of my goals, are shared below...only some.  Some are private.  Also, for a very long time I have been very good at just being...I've always just be able to be.  In my opinion, a better life comes from reflection and improvement.  That doesn't mean you weren't good enough before.  It doesn't even mean you weren't the very best.  It just means life can be more interesting. 

So...with a sense of adventure, with confidence while seeking challenges and promoting a sense of learning....

I got my SFG certification because I did want to train people.  I want to turn people on to the correct use of kettlebells.  Yet, despite having people who want me to train them I've held myself back with excuses.  I need a name.  I need insurance.  I was traveling.  I was traveling for work.  I need a plan.  Hello...adventure, confidence, challenges and learning.  This needs to be the year and soon.

I've tried Spanish, French and German and have completely unsuccessful learning a foreign language.  It is scary.  So...I've decided I want to wait...I want to learn Italian.  Knowing a second language makes you a better person when traveling the world.  Adventure, CHALLENGE, CONFIDENCE, and learning. 

Barbell...anyone who knows me knows I love the bar.  I've missed it.  My Deadlift PR was 210.  Since finishing the cert process, I've only been able to pull a max of 175.  So, it is the year of the deadlift!!!  And hopefully the year of the Strongfirst Barbell Certification.  None are currently scheduled.

I did a StrongFirst Barbell user course at Skill of Strength...a gym in Chelmsford.  Awesome.  Great place.  Great people.  A little far.  Maybe I can figure out a way to train for the Barbell there.


All of this reminds me of the battle of Brendan Rearick, who was a trainer at MBSC when I trained there.  He was not just any trainer.  He was a rock star trainer.  He now suffers from aplastic anemia.  His current campaign is "COLLECT EXPERIENCES NOT THINGS."  Since learning of his condition I have tried to own that thought.  You can learn more about Brendan here.

The world is too amazing to just stand still!

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