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Sunday, July 13, 2014


I know I've said it before but I will say it again.  This shirt

makes personal records happen....even when you think it is going to be a bad day.  First, it is 8:00 AM and I haven't gone anywhere.  I am still sitting at home.  Finally I decided to start moving.

My right upper arm has been bothering me to the point where I couldn't lift it.  So I decided ninst4ead of the gym, I would take the bike out for a spin and see how the arm feels on the bike.  I will be riding 26 miles next Sunday for Reid's Ride.  So I pumped up the tires, started out on the road and the chain falls off.

The decision is made for to the gym.  What happens.  I hit 1 200 pound deadlift for 2 reps.  I was trying for 3 but couldn't only raise it half way on the last rep.  I started at 165 for 3 reps and worked my way up.  200 pounds was accidently.  I thought I had put on 195 pounds.  Nope...200 pounds. 

The goal this summer was to hit 200.  Here we are July 12 and I did it.  Moving on to the next goal.

In all aspects of life achievement feels damn good.

Then I had coffee on the balcony overlooking the ocean with Dad and my stepmother Ann.  Another reminder how beautiful the ocean is and spending time with family.  You all know the Peep Man....

and Ann (She's the one on the right)

You would think I would remember to take pictures from the balcony!

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