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Sunday, July 12, 2015


So what has been going on...with each passing week I am become more confident with my ability to pass the certification.  I am nervous about the fact that people will be staring at me and judging my technique but that is to be expected. 

But can you snatch? Yes, I do believe I can.  I have been following Iron Body Studios certification program and training with Artemis.  There was a problem with my snatch.  I was opening my hand at the top.  Once I started opening my hand another problem resulted...crazy bruising at the wrist bone.  It was very painful and it was evidence something was wrong with my form. 

I explained the painful problem to Artemis and it was solved.  Break the arc!  Now it took some work and I am still working on form but I am much improved from when I began this journey.

This week I started snatching with my test weight.  I did 9 rounds of 9 with 12 KGs on Saturday.  This is what it looked like.

There were some pictures with crazy ass faces.  Those will not make the internet. 

Listening to Artemis pays off...until I had a couple set backs.  The first one was this.

This big ugly blister on my left hand after snatching at work last week.  I don't show this as a badge of honor but an area of snatching.  Was I doing my snatching correctly?  What was going to happen when I did a gazillion snatches before the test?  How was I going to prepare before the test?  I cut off the skin but not quite enough of it.  I made the brilliant decision to attempt to pull it off.  Ouch.  It is healing and I am still able to snatch.

My second concern was I ever going to be able to pass the snatch test.  I wasn't snatching enough.  I twisted my perspective.  I was thinking I was snatching 90 times in 9 minutes.  Nope....180 in 9 minutes.  I will be good.  Yesterday's work out at Iron Body Studios will Artemis increased my confidence just a bit. 

This is what the testing will look like!

and this (This is a better video.)

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  1. I have to is good to see photos and I am sure video would be better because it provides the opportunity to critique what you are doing. I am trying to always open my hand at the top. Not sure I actually did it in the photo. And what I am I doing with my other hand. I would like to see it out more. Just saying.