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Sunday, November 30, 2014


This is the story of Beastmode, it is a gym story and it is a story about me...maybe this blog posting is a little self-serving.  I chose to see it as a story about judging others. 

A few weeks ago I did a Workout for the Cure.  As I was increasing the weight for the cable rows, someone came over to me, started reducing the weight on the cable and announced to the group that you use the minus button to decrease the weight.  He turned to me and said, "You probably want to start at about 11 pounds."  Ahhhhh....I don't think so and increased the weight to 35 pounds.  Behind me two guys said, she is stronger than she looks."  Hell ya...I've been working hard to be strong. 

Next up was a cardio circuit which included a sled push.  I walked over to the sled with over 400 pounds at the same time as a 20-something guy was.  I am all about pushing heavy weight on the sled.  With a smirk on his face as we got to the sled at the same time, the guy said, "oh after you, you can go first."  And I did and I pushed that sucker.  He said, wow, and when he tried to push it he couldn't.  He had to take off weight. 

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I decided to check out a new gym facility and a new class.  I thought I had signed up for a spin/strength class.  Turns out it was a "strength" class.  The room had risers with 7 pound weights on them.  Gasp...a strength class?????  I thought about leaving but I had paid for the class so I decided to stick it out and make the best of it. 

We switched from 7 pound weights to a bar.  I grabbed the 20 pound bar thinking this thing is going to be too light (which is was but it was the heaviest).  The instructor said you don't want to be using such a heavy weight.  We will be doing exercises with it for 5 minutes.  Okay....I almost said...chica, I deadlift 200 pounds.  This shouldn't be a problem.  But I had made the decision when the class started to go with the flow and I did.

When you are in the gym, never assume someone isn't strong simply by the way they look and never, ever underestimate what is possible. 

Not that it is exactly the same but it serves as a reminder that, in life, don't judge people by what they wear, by gender, by their sexual orientation or by their race. 

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