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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Visions, Dreams and Motivation

Yes it has been awhile.  I let the blog go...not surprising.  I had this blog post written out but never posted it.  It feels like a good time to try, once again, to revive the blog. 

For some time now, I've thought about becoming a certified personal trainer.  Ok, let's just say it has been quite awhile. 

In typical fashion, I have agonized over the details such as:

Which organization NASM or NETA?
Personal Training or Kettlebells?
Strongfirst or RKC?

I even planned and went on a trip to Chicago with the intension of certifying with NETA (or was it NASM?  I spoke with the people at NASM (or was it NETA?).  Just couldn't bring myself to give them my money.  I really want this to be the right decision.  Inaction does not bring results...the trip was in August and here it is November.

It shouldn't be this difficult, should it?  It is something I love.  I overthink, throw up roadblocks and never act.   Do I do this because of fear of the unknown or fear of failure?

Jill Coleman of (and the Radiance Retreat) talks about not sitting back and waiting but taking action.  You and/or the moment will never be perfect.  She adds that if you allow yourself to imperfect you will take a chance and reach your goals and live out your passions...she didn't say this but I do...even at 57 years old. 

(Check out Jill's won't be disappointed. 

Fast forward several months...I have had more defined plan.  I want to be a certified kettlebell instructor.  I want the challenge of pushing myself.  This is a very tough certification but the achievement is not just about the certification.  It is about the process and the training. 

As a start, I attended the all day workshop at Iron Body Studios with Artemis and Eric...surrounded by strong, older women was motivating. 


I've contacted Ana Tocco at MBSC.  She is Strongfirst and RKC certified.  She is awesome and close enough to be my regular .  I plan to take some sessions at Iron Body Studios. 

Now that it is out there does it get done? I do have this injury that I hope won't be limiting. Updates to follow...

And check out Artemis here...confident, strong and an Iron Maiden.

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