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Monday, January 5, 2015


My plan was to share my journey from the road of paralegal to SFG Kettlebell Instructor Level 1 Certification.

My initial training, for now, includes participating in the Women's Strength Training Program at Iron Body Studios.  I would like to share my training at Iron Body Studios.  However, the program was written by Artemis.  It is her personal program.  It is how she makes her living.  So I am not comfortable sharing what I am doing and the weight I am lifting. 

Let me just goals include increasing my deadlift and press and doing at least one pull up. 

On the first day of training my greatest surprise was that I could actually do 3 sets of 5 assisted pull ups.  The assisted part was 2 medium sized bands.  I guess anything is possible.  I may bang out a pull up yet. 

I plan to share the journey on this blog...until I get to this point.

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