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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Quick post here...

I've had this chronic problem for about 8 months now...a pain down my deltoid.  I've tried ART, massage therapy and trigger point massage.  All have been temporary fixes. 

Last Friday I did a trigger point massage with Kimmie at Massage & Company in Lynn.  I didn't have much pain down the arm at the time but what was there was gone at the end.  Kimmie was great and worked out all my trigger points.  I worked out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday without any pain.  I felt great and thought the problem was solved.  Of course I expected I would need maintenance.

My arm felt great until this morning.  The pain was there and worst then usually.  I attempted my workout.  I did some TGU's, some deadlifts, squats and swings pretty much with no problems.  Major problem was I could not all...not even a 15 pound KB.  WTF. 

Tuesday is an off day for me so my arm did not have a work out yesterday.  It happily had a rest day.  Here is where I think part of the problem lies.  When I sleep on that arm, I wake up in pain.  Simple solution you say.  Just don't sleep on that arm.  Unfortunately it is not so simple.  I am sleeping.  I don't know. 

Full disclosure...I did attempt to bench press on Sunday with mixed results.  I had to stop because I could feel the pain down the deltoid. 

If I can't get this problem under control, I will not be able to participate in the SF certification.  The arm will not withstand 3 days of intensive exercise and then pass the SNATCH test on the last day. 

So...has anyone out there had a similar problem?  How did you solve the problem.  I am considering seeing a sports medicine doc for their opinion.  Any thoughts out there on that approach?  Thank you in advance.

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