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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mondays Fundays

Mondays are usually my day.  I wake up early, work out and do chores.  Very rarely do I stop to just enjoy what is all around me. 

Yesterday my body and mind were tired.  I had worked out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  The body didn't feel up to another intense work out.  The plan was to head to the coffee shop and watch video of various kettlebell technique and think about next week-ends certification.

As I was driving to Walnut Street Café, I felt drawn to the ocean.  I thought instead of lifting heavy and instead of thinking/observing, I would just walk the beach.  I would enjoy the beauty my city has to offer.  I even took pictures...once again with the blackberry.  I tried to capture the Boston skyline but couldn't.  PS...the new phone is in the house.  When I finally figure it out, the picture quality will improve.


It was high tide.  As kids, we use to run the sea wall during high tide.
I was tempted but if you look below and see what shoes I was
wearing, you will understand why I didn't.

Yes, these shoes!

The stair case where everyone hung out during high school.
I remember it being call the 2nd staircase but it is the
1st stair case.  Go figure. 

Red Rock with Egg Rock way in the back ground.

The waves were large enough to bring out the boogie board.  Unfortunately, the boogie board that traveled in the back of my car all winter, was in the garage. Next time I will plan better.

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