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Thursday, August 20, 2015


I am a paralegal who for many years had a passion for light weight dumbbells, step classes, muay thai, and triathlons.  For many years I had an obsession with doing the Pump and Run at the Arnold in Columbus, Ohio.  A few years ago, it was checked off the list.  I may have offered some limited fitness tips to others but I was never a personal trainer or fitness professional. 

There were never many specific fitness goals except for training and preparing for tris and the Arnold until I started training at Mike Boyle's Strength and Conditioning with Kevin Carr at 5:30 AM.  I slowly started to set bench press, squat, deadlifting and chin up goals.  As I watched regular people and athletes all around me, I knew I wanted to become strong as my body and mind would take me.  Nothing warms my fitness heart and soul as my 205 deadlift personal record.  I love that bar.

It was at MBSC that I was introduced to kettlebells - mostly swings, squats and deadlifts.  One day I watched Kevin do a Turkish Get Up (TGU).  Holy shit!  I want to do one of those.  So I went home and spent two hours in front of an online video determined to learn the technique.  You may laugh or disbelieve, but I really did this.  Baby I was in love!!!

Fast forward a couple years and I am at the second Radiance Retreat in Venice Beach, CA talking to Stacy BenHayon.  She was training for the StrongFirst Level 1 kettlebell certification.  What is this certification you speak of? you internet.  Everything is at your fingertips.  What began was my long process of thinking about my mental and physical ability to pass this certification.  I followed Stacy's journey online.  I wanted her journey to be my journey.  (Side Note:  Stacy who lived in MD turned me on to Artemis and Iron Body Studios...who knew they were down 128 in Needham.)

As I drifted away from the 5:30 AM class at MBSC, I knew I need a new goal and a new physical challenge.  I did know or I thought I wanted to attempt the certification.  I re-read my blog.  Reaching the decision to undertake the certification was an up and down decision.  Now, at this point...

Bring on Artemis and Iron Body Studios.  I do want to talk about Eric Grahan.  He is not forgotten.  He just doesn't fit in this part of the story.  He was, however, a major part of my success. 

Who doesn't want to be this strong?  Photo
courtesy of Iron Body Studios.

Bring on "I Am Not Afraid To Lift," the Turkey Swing, and the Women's Strength Class.  Remember...I am driving from Lynn to Needham to attend these classes.  You know how good they must be. 

Photo by Iron Body Studios

Then, calmly, Artemis mentioned that they would be doing an SFG Certification Training Program.

My only comment and thought was, "I'm in!"

Stay tune for Part 2...

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