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Monday, December 29, 2014


My week 4 total was 1062 swings. 

Week 1 = 1330. Week 2 = 1360 Week 3 = 1244 Week 4 = 1062 for at total of 4996.  Damn...I am only 4 swings short of 5,000.  If only I had known.

W4D1 & D2

It seems I am slowing down at the end of this challenge.
I did W4D1 on Wednesday and completed 250 swings. I also did my regularly scheduled work out.
Christmas was a day off...back at it today.
I did my regularly scheduled workout which included 4 x 10 at 400 pounds and then W4D2 but not all of day two. I did 2H swings with 25 KG. I did 10 x 10 for 100 swings.
I did one round of 6 x 6 with 18 KG pounds and then I felt like toast. So I stopped.
One thing I did today was 18 KG Turkish get up which is a PR for me. It was really difficult. Working my way up.

W4D3 = 270 swings

I did my regularly scheduled work out this morning. I saved the swings for tonight. Before the swings I did overhead carries because I did not get them in this morning.
Thanks for doing this challenge Artemis. Loving it!

W4D4 & D5

I finished Week 4 on Sunday and Monday...couple days late but I did it.
W4D4 - 280 swings
W4D5 - 250 swings.

I also did my regular work out on both days.

I cannot believe how many swings I did in four weeks.  Whenever I wanted to quit, I thought about how important it was to me to complete this challenge.  I wanted to conquer the mental desire to quit. 

Over and out....I did it. 


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