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Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Swing Challenge - Week One

As many of you know, I love kettle bells.  I love to swing and I love Turkish Get Ups even more.  So when Iron Body by Artemis promoted a Holiday Swing Challenge I decided to give it a short.  My total number of swings for Week One was 1330...that is a lot of swings for someone who maybe did, at the most 200-300 swings a week.  Two of the five days I did my usual work out before doing the swings.   

My initial plan was to do my workout before doing the swings.  However, I had a challenging work week and only managed two days that included my regular work outs. 

Here is the thing about this challenge.  Not only did I feel like I was building strength but it was an amazing cardio work out. 

I posted what I did in a FB Holiday Swing Challenge Group.  I thought I would share with you my unedited postings.  Maybe next time you might want to accept the challenge. 

Week 1 Day 1
 Did 250 swings with a 16kg bell.
Sweaty mess right now. Challenge for me was doing the routine at 6:00 PM instead of 5 AM. I am very much a morning exercise person. Everything feels heavier at night. Proud that I completed the routine!!!

Week 1 Day 2
The plan was to swing yesterday but worked got in the way. I worked 5:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Just didn't have it in me although around 8:00 I thought...well I picked up the 16kg and did ten 1H swings on each side and decided not tonight. Will pick it up tomorrow.  And I did.
I only have one 16KG bell so I did 2H swings 10x10 for 100. The 16KG felt light so I did the last 3 rounds with the 20KG. That is all I have here at home.
I then did 15 sets of 1H swings with the 16KG for a total of 180.
Total swings yesterday = 20

Today 280

Week 1 Day 3
 270 swings in the book. Again I had to do them at night but I am getting them done. Whoo Hoo! Still prefer the morning but circumstances have been beyond my control this week.

Week 1 Day 4
I only have one 20KG bell so I did 2H swings 10x10 for 100. Felt great!
I then did 14 sets of 1H swings with the 16KG. During the 14th set my form felt like crap so I went down to a 12KG to finish 15 sets. YAAAA
Total swings yesterday = 20

Today 280

Before swinging I did my regularly scheduled workout. This has been a challenging work week for me. It was great having these simple, fairly quick scheduled workouts.

Week 1 Day 5
Total for week one is 1330 swings....Really proud of this accomplishment.

I did Week One; Day Five yesterday. I did not have the opportunity to post yesterday.

Did 250 swings. I used an 18 kg bell and 16 kg depending on my form.

I did a regular workout prior to my swings. Between each set of deadlifts, I did 10 kettlebell swings with 18 KG bell for a total of 50.
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