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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Swing Challenge - Week Two

The Holiday Swing challenge continues...because of work commitments it has been a tough week for me but I did get it done, just not the way I wanted to get it done.  In some cases, I was able to increase the weight I used. 

Finished week 2 with a total of 1360 swings.

Week 1 total was 1330.  My two week total is 2690 swings.  This number won't win me any prizes.  However, I do feel a sense of personal satisfaction!

Started W2D1.

 What I realized is that yesterday I did day 1 again and not day 5. So tonight, because I wanted some variety, I did Day 5.

I did two sets of H2H with 16 KG.

I then did three sets of H2H with 16 KG for 5, 10 and 15. Went down to 12 KG for 20
Total of 250 swings.


Monday I did my regularly scheduled work out and took a break from swings.  Tuesday I did nothing but walk.  I needed a break.

This morning I did 290 swings.
2H swings
11 sets at 20 KG
1H swings
3 sets of 20 kg
12 sets of 16 KG


Very long day but I just got them done. 270 swings. Only disappointment is that I did them with 12KG, I felt like I couldn't go any higher tonight., It is all good.


I started the morning with good intentions.  I did the first half in the morning.
10 x 12 with 16 KG.  Felt good but decided to do the second half later in the day.  Well, that didn't work out the way I planned. 

So I made the decision to finish the second half  the following day.  40 pounds (at the Y).  Did 15 rounds before my regularly scheduled work out.  It was a great work out day. 

Total of 300 swings


Just finished up after doing a modification of my regularly scheduled workout.

5 rounds for a total of 250 swings

H2H Swings with a 16KG.  I did two rounds of 5 swings and 10 swings with 20 KG. 

They were tough but we are working on getting stronger and increasing weight so it is a start

The plan for next week is to wear these while I swing...


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