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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


You're fit, fab and over 50 but you need to be functional too.  Injury or pain limit can limit your movement, your independence and your mental health.  The older you get the more important limiting pain and injury becomes.  When you do develop pain it is important to keep moving and to seek treatment...the treatment I am talking about is not pills but movement.

As we age, movement can become more difficult and we are more prone to injury.  Keeping mobile is so very important for a long, functional, happy older life.  Walking, biking, running, strength training and even housework can cause injury and pain but they also keep us healthy and help us maintain balance.     

When I train for events or train with a specific goal in mind, I do sometimes find myself with some serious limiting pain.  That is where I found myself this weekend.  Walking was difficult.  Movement was difficult.  Workouts were non-existent. 

What I decided I needed to do was make an appointment with my massage therapist, but not just any massage therapist.  He is a fitness coach extraordinaire.  He is committed to keeping people functional.  He was my coach and for a long period of time he was trainer to a group of older fitness enthusiasts.  He understands.

I started seeing Kevin Carr of Movement as Medicine even before he was fully licensed.  I had long standing problems with my feet, developed some shoulder mobility issues and had some hand issues.  Not only did Kevin treat my issues but he provided me with exercises and strategies to keep the pain at bay.  If I do my exercises regularly, I am pretty much pain free.  Before today, it has been almost a physical pain free year. 

Kevin Carr

But there is always something...This current leg issue seemed more complex.  Of course, it isn't.  One session with Kevin and I am about 50% improved.  He provided great exercises.  This weekend through today I had my sad desperate face on...I was concerned. 

Today, that frown is turned upside down.  Soon I will be me again.  Most importantly, Kevin said to keep training (if it doesn't hurt). 

My message to my older friends is to please keep moving and please take advantage of therapeutic massage therapy when those joints feel painful and when you feel like you can't put one foot in front of the other.  I would also recommend Kevin...I promise he will understand your pain and speaking from personal experience, he can solve any problem. 

Also, what I decided to do is to get myself a adjustable height desk.  I really need to sit and stand during the course of the day at work.  Desk jobs do a number on the body and while I've employed a number of strategies to help keep my sedentary day a little more active, the ability to sit and stand will help with aching hips, tight IT bands and trigger points in the butt.

Arriving on Monday

Get out there and move!

And kudos to my co-blog author...Girlie!

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