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Sunday, April 10, 2016


I spent some time thinking about what I wrote yesterday about my injury.

I don't want people especially older people to think that they shouldn't exercise because they will get injured.  Yesterday, despite my injury, I was committed to some volunteer work.  I used crutches.  I was hobbling.  A few peoples asked what happened and I mumbled something unintelligible.  They all said, "Oh was it from exercise?"  The reality is it is not the exercise that is the problem, it is the person doing the exercise.

Usually, and especially in my case, you do more than you should.  I had learned to control this tendency somewhat.)  Some people start exercising without proper instruction and their form sucks.  I've seen form at the YMCA that makes my eyes bleed.  You see, it is the person, not the exercise that is the problem.

I have really learned to modify what I do but as I said yesterday, I pushed myself way to far with the squat challenge.  I didn't listen to my body.  As a result, I paid the price.

Even today.  I went to buy one of these...

and what do I do.  I park a gazillion miles away from the store.  It was the wrong decision.

The reason I updated the previous entry is to tell everyone to keep on exercising.  Just do it right.  I want to inspire you to move your bodies.  It is so important.  Just do it right.

As much as I want to attend the above (especially looking at pics from recent events.), I am not sure I can make it a reality this year.

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  1. I hurt my knee being careless with all better now. We all do it! Heal well.