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Monday, April 4, 2016


To begin...some days this is how we write blog posts...

I have been talking about my training for the Strong First Barbell Certification.  Here is a great blog posting on what the 3-day weekend entails.

And my report on my training is...I am struggling and concerned.  I believe in my mindset but I can't always believe in my body.  I am beyond fatigued.  I feel like I cannot sleep enough.  Also, I've run into a "injury" right leg is in pain.  In particular, most of the time, it is my right IT band.  It is surprising how everything I need to do....the bench, the military press, the deadlift and the squat impact the legs but they do.

Here is a log of my work outs:

W4D1: Thursday 3/31/16

Deadlift - Let's just say I went far too heavy for the number of reps and sets I had to do.  My form was trash at the end of the sets. 

Bench press - I went up to 75 and felt okay.

I finished with barbell row, shoulder taps and hamstring curls.

The amount of weight I put on the bar kept getting screwed up.  I couldn't add for the life of me.  This isn't meant as an excuse but it is a very long day.  I start work at 6:00 am and start my work out at 5:30 PM. 

This particular day I had to dig deep to get myself to SOS.  I was exhausted and wasn't sure what I had.  In addition, my IT band has been affecting my sleep.  One solution I have is to seek treatment, again, with Kevin Carr at Movement is Medicine.  This isn't the first time I've had the problem.  When I use to run, I had frequent IT band issues. 

W4D2:  This was suppose to occur on Saturday 4/2/1.  However, I had a 10:00 appointment.  No problem.  I will get to the YMCA at 7:00, get it done, get an ice coffee and get to my appointment.  Let's just say, things didn't go as planned. 

So the following day, Sunday, 4/3/16, I dragged my sorry ass to the YMCA at 10:00 AM (way too late0 and it wasn't pretty. I did my pre-work with lots of foam rolling.  I decided to forego TGU's and KB swings.  I hit the bar for military presses.  UGH...50 pounds was very difficult.  There was no progression.  Ugh...deadlifts.  Just didn't feel right.  So, I gathered my belongings and went home.

Early in the afternoon, I was able to do my deadlifts at a lower weight, did the rows and around the worlds.  I threw in some carries.

Now, my schedule for the week is affected.  I can't work out today because that would be two days in a row.  I will do some foam rolling, stretching and mobility work but that is it.  So it will need to either be Tuesday or Wednesday at 5:00 AM. 

So, let's just say, at the moment, I am very discouraged...I reminded myself of injuries/health issues I had at the beginning of my training for the SFG.  This just feels different. 

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