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Saturday, April 23, 2016


For some reason I am having a difficult time writing this post.  I planned to do it Thursday night and then on Friday.  It just never happened.  Maybe the difficulty stems from the fact is that I don't really have a decision on whether or not I can participate in the SFL or maybe I think it just gets tiring hearing me talk about me.

LIMBO...a state of uncertainty. 

It had been a very difficul two knee was huge, I couldn't sit without pain down the leg into the ankle, I was taking the elevator to the second floor at work (say what) and it took an act of God to get my right leg into the car.  There were days that the leg felt not so bad but that was rare.

Of course I wasn't sitting still... I drove this sorry ass leg to New York City and back and Jamestown, RI and back.  I walked NYC dragging my right leg behind me.  I even danced a couple dances at the Narraganset Café.  Hey, when this song is being sung by DD Bastos who can resist.

Finally, Thursday afternoon was the orthopedic appointment.  X-rays showed osteoarthritis in both knees, left worse than right.  No shit.  Does anyone over 50 not have osteoarthritis in their knees?  Problem was that the osteoarthritis in my right knee, which had been dormant, decided to cause trouble.  The result was huge swelling and lots of pain.  No way could I bend that knee.

The ortho doc drained 40 CCs of fluid from the right knee...said it didn't look like an infection but was going to test it anyway.  He was also testing for gout.  A discussion about a cortisone injection ensued but I said I don't mind having something taken out of my knee but I didn't want anything put least at this point.  The MD did say to make sure to treat with Kevin and keep the other stuff going on in the right leg under control.  Appointment made.  Monday 9:00 AM. 

Ortho doc told me to rest it for 24-48 hours.  Of course, the question becomes...please define rest.  I just spend the past weekend walking and dancing with a bum leg.  After the third request to define what rest meant, he asked what I did for a work out...he said no squats or deadlifts for a couple weeks. 

All the medical professions (MD, PAC and student) leave the room, I hope off the table and I could a normal person.  I was so excited I proceeded to tell everyone who crossed my path.  Oh this was after announcing it in the hall.  I would say I was about 75% improved.  Friday I felt 90% better.


Yo, Patti, not so fast.  I am walking, resting and working out.  Something still feels a little off.  There are definitely no squats in my future right now.  I am not sure what my next steps should be. 

I do need thank you to everyone who reached out to see how I was.  It was much appreciated. 

I didn't realize how terrible I felt until I felt better.  Caring and concern from other people helped.  My sense of satisfaction and gratitude returned Friday.  I was working on gratitude those two weeks and it did help but I wasn't 100% in.  (How could I not have been grateful to see Jordan Calixto perform at Juilliard?  How could I have not been grateful to see Kat and Rick, watch D.D. perform, and eat eggs?)

In case you are wondering how I defined rest today, here is the work out I did...

Four rounds of the following

Bicep curls 6 reps with 25 pound weight.
Some triceps 8 reps with 25 pound weight
Overhead presses 6 reps with 12 kg KB
Some band stuff that I don't know what it is called 20 reps
KB rows  reps with 14 kg KB
One legged RDLs 8 reps with 16 kg KB (left leg only)
One leg seated squats on the left only,

I did do some KB deadlifts with a 16 kg KB.

Because I love carries, I had to try some out...Farmer's carries with 35 pounds didn't cause any pain on either side.  I tried racked carries on the left and it was painful so I stopped those.  Overhead carries caused no pain on the left but did on the right.

At this point, I did one handed swings on the left side with a 12kg KB which was pain free.  Didn't even attempt the right.  I did 5 rounds of 10.

I had planned to see if I could snatch on one side but then forgot.  Really...I forgot. 

So I am doing some work outs but none that will help me pass the certification.  Hanging in limbo. 

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