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Friday, November 25, 2016


The plan had been to offer a small business a day leading up to Small Business Saturday.  It didn't quite work out that way.  So this morning I went out and took some pictures of my favorite places.  Can you say suckola?  Yes, that is how most of the pictures looked.  Most looked like scrambled eggs.  Was it because I didn't have my glasses on while taking the pictures?  Quite possibly.  I have this habit of reading, writing and taking pictures without them.  The end result is usually ugly.

So what I have for you are pictures from the website of some of my favorite local small businesses.  It is the best I have to offer today.  Let me say...when I think small business Saturday, I don't just think Christmas shopping.  I think food, drink and entertainment...3 of my favorite things.  Regular shopping for stuff is not a favorite.

First up...

Bent Water Brewery -

I have just not been here enough.  Beer is great and it is a bring your own food kind of place.  They now have music, community events and open mic nights.  Tomorrow night One Dime Band is playing. 

My go to place for ice coffee and an occasional egg sandwich.  Today's coffee was toasted almond iced.  People seem to love their bagels and muffins. 

At night, they switch to alcohol and music.  Tomorrow night Molly Pinto Madigan is the headliner.  Music Starts at 8:30.  Check it out.

Land Of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company -

My Picture
Turns out this is not a local small business (There are 12 along the east coast) but they do have an interesting story.  They are new to Monroe St.

Drink Coffee Do Good
In April 1994, Rwanda (an African country half the size of the state of Maryland) experienced one of history's most atrocious genocides. In just 100 days, close to one million ethnic Tutsi and moderate Hutu sympathizers lost their lives to the hands of extremist Hutu militia.

The 1994 genocide that left so many innocent people either dead, orphaned, or widowed has now become a focal point of the global community. In the wake of civil war, Rwanda made a commitment to national restoration. The government called upon the church to lead the country in reconciliation and asked the outside world to support them as it looked to heal and eradicate poverty, disease, and illiteracy.

In 2005, Jonathan Golden, founder of Land of a Thousand Hills, recognized a simple and tangible opportunity to make a difference in the reconciliation of the Rwandan people. This realization led Golden to start a coffee company that pays a fair wage to the farmers of Rwanda, helps them with their basic needs, and brings a quality product to coffee lovers.

You can read the rest of the story here...

I tried their espresso and an iced cappuccino maple syrup drink which they were selling at the Artist Open House at the Lydia Pinkham building.  Their espresso was the best I've had.  The cappuccino was a little too sweet for my taste but the espresso taste came through. 

Their store front is on Monroe St. right across from the Food Project Garden.  I went to check it out.  Looks very interesting.  They have breakfast and lunch which I have not sampled.  Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to sample their breakfast.

Delicious brunch with excellent music in a very intimate location.  Tomorrow night Ian Maskin is playing a sold out show which starts at 8:00 but the good news is they've added a 4:00 concert. I have tickets.  Hope to see you there. 

I Did It Myself

Need some framing done?  This is the place to go.  I needed two pictures framed.  I've driven by the building on Ocean St. since I was a kid but didn't really know what they did.  I decided to check them out.  Sandi Watkins offered the best advice and worked within my price range.  Her simple suggestion that I add the date and location to my framed pictures from Rome made a huge difference.  Below is the first picture she did for me. 

First picture she framed.
  She also provides interesting conversation free of charge. 

Arts After Hours -

Plays, music and community gatherings are what Arts After Hours does best.  Their next event is Dec. 15.  Tomorrow would be a good day to purchase a ticket or even purchase a season pass for the 2017 season. 

I have attended a number of their events and, most of the time, I am not disappointed.  Great plays and art brought to downtown Lynn.  My favorite event each summer is Shakespeare at a location in Lynn...the 3, or is it 4, that I've gone to in Lynn Woods have been my favorites!

Maybe I will be back with more tomorrow...

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