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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The word was out that Drew Bledsoe was sampling his wine at Whole Foods in Lynnfield tonight.  So hoping to taste some Doubleback or Bledsoe Family Wine I headed to Whole Foods after work.  I've developed a love of west coast wines since my trip to Sonoma.  Some of the best Pinot Noirs and Zinfandels are made in Sonoma.  Clean and smooth.  Okay...I don't know the wine lingo or anything but I do now what I like.

The turnout at Whole Foods was enormous...from the back of the café into the cheese section.  Unfortunately there was no wine left for sampling.  Drew was signing autographs including wine bottles but that just isn't my thing.  I was there for the wine. 

I did manage to catch a couple of photos.  One was taken while standing outside in the rain; the other from inside the doorway.  Never mind about the one in the rain.  I swore it came out but apparently it did not.  I am left with one side view and no wine.

Pictures...I need you to leave you with some decent pictures.  Here are two from my walk in Lynn Woods.  BTW...I have never seen the reservoir so low.

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