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Thursday, November 17, 2016


I want to encourage you to consider purchasing a Thanksgiving Farm Share from the Food Project.  They do great work with kids teaching them how to grow food, farm and the benefits of healty living.  Ordering a share benefits their work.  You also benefit.  You will receive locally grown food products.  The community benefits by our financial support.  Give it a try.  

Order Your Thanksgiving CSA Farm Share by Thursday

Just in time for the holidays! Enjoy local, sustainably grown produce for the holidays with our Thanksgiving share.

The Thanksgiving share is a 40–50 pound bounty of seasonal produce that typically includes carrots, winter squash (butternut, acorn, and carnival), onions, garlic, leeks, potatoes, daikon radish, popcorn, kale, sweet potatoes, and winter greens. Much of which can be stored and will keep throughout the winter.

As a special bonus, we will also have bottles of Alex's Ugly Sauce "Witches Brew" available. This special hot sauce was made from habanero peppers picked right here at The Food Project. Just $8!

Don't miss out! Order your share today.

Cost: $125

Today is the last day to can order through the link below.

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