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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Trying to get this blog thing going can be difficult...first, I am not sure where this blog will lead, what I want my voice to be, or even what topics I will discuss.  I am an introvert and sharing information with people you don't know is scary.  Second, I don't always get my point across...what I wanted to make clear in my previous days posting is that the shirt I was wearing makes PRs happen.  Yes it does.  What wasn't clear also is that I didn't just skip 185 pounds.  I said eff you 185 pounds.  I don't need you.  I can just go right past you and pull 190 pound.  Take that 185 pounds!

Helping the boy....please read all the way to the bottom of the blog entry. 

Maybe you noticed the Amazon advertising on my page.  It is for a free trial of Amazon Prime.  As this blog progresses, I will add ads for products and services I use and like.  I have been an Amazon Prime member for a long time.  I hate to go to the Mall.  I hate shopping in general.  I use Amazon a lot.  The initial cost may be expensive but in the long run I save money.

And...the return policy on shipping.  I have a problem with my feet and have difficulty finding shoes.  If I am buying shoes online I need free returns.  More shoes are returned than kept.

The best part turned out to be free video streaming of Season I of Vikings!  I am now officially addicted.  If you sign up for 30 free days of Prime Streaming, you too can become addicted to Vikings.   

I love Lagertha.  I love her power and strength.  She is a physically and emotionally a strong woman.  She is fearless.  She reminds me of all the strong women I know.

Note:  Amazon did not pay me to sing their praises nor do I personally have any affiliation with them.  However, my son is an Amazon affiliate.  If you take advantage of the Free Prime or if you order anything from that same link, he benefits.  So, if you would, please bookmark the link.  Whenever you make a purchase, use the bookmarked link.

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