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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Those who know me know I am not a fan of the summer months.  I prefer the cold of winter.  I am passionate about real food.  Good food fuels a healthy lifestyle.  Summer brings locally grown fruits and vegetables which I miss in the winter.   

I want my food to come as close to locally grown as possible  I don't want my fruit traveling from Mexico, California or Florida.  I don't want my fish/shrimp coming from China.  I prefer my meat to be locally raised in New England.

I've done veggie CSAs with the Food Project in Lynn and with Connor Farm.  My early in the year bounty...not only do you get great food but you get to explore the farm whether it be a small urban one in Lynn or a larger version such as Connor.

I've done a meat CSA with John Crow Farm.  (Unfortunately they recently went bankrupt but that is another story).  Let me just eggs ever and I eat enough eggs to know good eggs.  The deep richness of the yolk is...well...yummy and beautiful. 

Love them both but nothing is better, though, than walking out your back door and picking tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, butternut squash, a variety of peppers, watermelon, garlic, corn, zucchini or fresh herbs.  I have deep basil love. 

Supper is whatever looks ripe, beautiful and delicious. 

I decided to get those cold weather veggies out there on time this year...when it was still cold.  This doesn't always happen.  What absolutely fantastic surprise awaited me...


ASPARAGUS!.  They were planted last year.  You get asparagus in the spring of the following year and the year after that and if you cut them back correctly the year after that.

Here is what has been planted so far...broccoli and peas

The peas weren't staked in this pic but they are now.

And the new addition to my fruits is a grape plant.  I would show you a picture but at the moment that poor little plant isn't looking so great.  Stay tuned.

My garden is never the best looking one despite my best efforts.  Yet, it is productive and it keeps me happy all summer long and into the fall. 

Every garden needs someone or something to look after it.  I give you,

And in memory of our cockatiel, Luna, who died this past winter, the boy created this memorial for the garden.

If I can have a productive garden, so can you.  Start small.  Utilize the space you have.  I grow some of my plants in pots.  It works.  It is a great way to get started.  If you nurture your garden, you will not be disappointed.

Good food nourishes the soul.  It brings family and friends together.  Don't you want it to be healthy and delicious?

Please share your thoughts will me about starting a garden?  Do you have family stories to share?  I would love to see pictures of your garden. 

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