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Monday, May 19, 2014


Deadlifting is my one of my favorite exercise.  I've worked long, slow and hard to increase my weight.

Thanks to the Radiance Retreat and Jen Sinkler I incorporated Intuitive Training method to my training...okay I only incorporated it for deadlifting but it worked.   

I reached a PR of 185 pounds a couple months ago...excitement ensured.  I felt great.  I felt strong.  Then I couldn't get close to it again.  Most I could lift was 175 and that wasn't every training session.  Damn I was frustrated.  The goal this summer is over 200 pounds.  So last Saturday I put on this shirt 

and I decided to just skipped 185 pounds.  I decided to attempt 190 pounds and I DID IT.  200 pounds here I come!!!!  I didn't mind being a sweaty mess.

Please note...selfies are obviously not my specialty especially after a tough training session.  I hate the pic but I am posting it anyway.
Want to learn more about Intuitive Training?  Check out Jen Sinkler's site at

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