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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Let's be honest here.  If the choice is interacting with people or doing just about anything else, I would chose just about anything else. 

During lunch today I was talking about my trip to the beautiful Isle of Jersey last October. 

My story was not about Jersey but about me and making the decision to move outside my comfort zone.  After attending the service at the family Parish of St. Saviour's Church, the group had lunch and tea with a group of invited "family" and friends at a beautiful local restaurant.  Before entering the room, our guide, Sue Hardy, instructed everyone to sit with people they did not know.  In true Patti fashion, as people were filing in tables close to the door, I went to the seat as far away from the main door as I could and sat.  I waited to see who would sit with me.  I looked around the room and saw Jeremy Johnson, the owner of Swan Farm and Reverend Swindle, pastor of St. Savior's, sitting perpendicular from each other.  Next to Jeremy was an empty seat on the end of the table.  After some back and forth in my mind, I decided I wanted that seat.  I decided to take charge.  I was going to choose who I would sit with at the lunch.  BEST DECISION EVER!.  The conversation was interesting, the wine flowed freely, and the laughter was contagious.  I came away exhausted but invigorated by the experience.  I thought to myself...hanging with people isn't so bad. 

FYI...I went with a group of 12 people associated with the Poindexter Descendants Association.  Pendexters and Poindexters are descendents from the Poingdestres from the Isle of Jersey.  Spending 7 days with 12 people on an almost constant basis was outside my comfort zone but again it was rewarding.

More outside the comfort zone....the Radiance Retreat in Asheville....the first big outside the comfort zone...although it didn't stop me from trying to learn to snatch...

To further kick it the second Radiance Retreat in Santa Monica, I decided it would be a good idea to share a hotel room with someone I didn't know.  Stressed every minute leading up to the Retreat.  Turned out having a roommate wasn't so bad.  My roomie made it easy.  Thank you Autum. 

I am still not entirely comfortable spending extended time with people.  I still want to retreat and be alone.  I am learning and will continue to challenge myself. 

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