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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Part of the reason I started this blog was to catalog my personal work outs, not the work outs I do at

On Saturday and Sunday I create my own workouts or borrow from some online sources or the work-outs of Neghar and Jen Sinkler.

I hope some of my work outs inspire you to move it and create your own:


Rock out a great workout...was even asked if I was a body builder.  Seriously, do I look like a body builder?  Just a 50-something trying to keep on picking up heavy shit.

Here is what I did...

Foam Roll, Stretch, Warm Up

Barbell Deadlift                 3 x 155
                                           3 x 165
                                           3 x 175
                                           3 x 190

Barbell Glute Bridges       8 x 225
                                          8 x 230
                                          8 x 235

Check Glute Bridges that buttocks baby.  Who better to demonstrate than the Glute Guy.

Face Pulls and Squat Pulls...gotta tell you I have no idea how much the plates it makes no sense to tell you what I did.

Then did a rotation of

Skater Squats                    6 x 12.5
                                          6 x 12.5
                                          6 x 15

Double Leg Sit Ups          6 with 35 pound plate (3 times)

One Arm Rows                6 x 40
                                         6 x 42.5
                                         6 x 45

Sit Ups

FINISHER:  Kettlebell Swings with 40 pounds (largest at the Y) and then  one minute of rowing.   I did this four times and called it a work out.


I had limited time today so used a quick work out using kettlebells.  No foaming rolling just did quick stretch and warm up. 

Did 4 rotations of the following:

Clean (12KG)             5 each side
Squat (16 kg)              10 times
Swing (40   pounds )   10 times
Press (12 kg)             5 each side
Deadlift( 70 pounds) 10 with thrust

At the end of each rotation I did one TGU on each side.  The first two I used 12 KG and the second two I used 16 kg. 

I did the Arnold Pump and Run a couple years ago and still haven't let go of doing it again so I did a set of Bench Presses.  Loved the run part of the Pump and Run.


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