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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Tomorrow night I start my training for the StrongFirst Barbell Instructor course which I will participate in in June 2016.  I am taking the course at Skill of Strength in Chelmsford and I plan to train there also.

I took the StrongFirst Barbll Course there also...can you find me?

Everything is mostly a pro about the training except I will be training at 5:30 after work.  I will be lifting heavy weights after work.  Gotta say....I am a morning work out person so this will be a challenge.  Here's the thing.  I always feel the need to push my self.  This is another such case.  I always say it.  I want to be as strong as I possible can be.  

Strength...where does the motivation and desire originate.

Thinking about the blog post on Dave Mirra and what an inspiration he was.  I started thinking about Extreme Sports and how male dominated they are.  I vaguely remember two  or three women skateboarders at the Gravity Games in Providence, RI...doesn't mean there weren't others.  The Skateboarding Women's Event is what I remember.  Where are the women?  Who are the women that are pioneers and who inspire? 

Today you can find those women in the health and fitness field.  They are young woman pushing the boundaries of strength.  They are promoting body acceptance.  They are role models for our teens and pre-teens.  They have inspired me to live outside my comfort zone and to pick up some dang heavy weights.  

I plan to spend the next several day a week...introducing you to those women who inspire me.  But wait, the very first blog I started reading was by Tony Gentilcore in the Boston Herald.  He is a strength loving, deadlift loving, cat loving and movie loving kind of guy.  He is also one of the first I was exposed to and who promoted women's strength training. 

It was his blog that started my journey.

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